Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just accept the fact

Okay, i admit. Sometime, i'm a bit stuck in my own thought toward certain issue and reject to see it at a different angle. I'm currently experiencing some hardship in my life now that i guess it explain why i'm acting this way. I just cant accept the fact!!! Yeah, i've been scolding people all this while because i'm so damn angry about myself. I don't usually act like this. I purposely kicking up a big fuss for some small issues simply to express my anger. I'm angry of myself for ruining my only chance to soar high up to the sky. I'm sad and angry at the same time. I'm glad that i've met some friends and i'm happy for those who'd succeeded. I must say it is a great experience. From initially 1000++ candidates to 300++ candidates and to 50++ candidates, this is some great moment to cherish about in my life but sometimes in life it is just hard to learn and accept the fact. Yeah, i admit. I'm still not mature enough and i'm not ready for the big challenge that lies ahead. After focusing my mind and pouring out my soul to really work hard for something which in the end turn out to be nothing, i guess i'm just too disappointed. Anyway, i'm mending my wound now. I'll be back more stronger, more fearless and more ready to face up with whatever challenges that are awaiting me next year. Right now, at this moment of my life i just need to stop thinking about it and accept the fact. Seem like i'm so gonna stuck here in Kampar for a SHORT period of time until i hear my calling.

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