Saturday, October 17, 2009

I dont wan to go back!!!!!!!!!

Recently, i'm feeling so damn angry when it came to blogging as there is a lot i wanted to share here but i cant, simply because i don't want the whole world to know what've been happening to this girl. Apparently, i'll end up typing some boring stuff that i dont even feel like publishing it. Staring blankly at the screen, trying to came out with something to blog about, erasing the post again and again. It just not fun at all. Always, i'll end up hitting the 'cross' button and sign out.

Tomolo i'll be flying back to boring old town, Kampar as early as 5am in the morning. This is so gonna be an exhausting day as i'll be dropping by KL first and it will take out roughly about 6hours of my precious times sitting in a bus, a trains and a taxi before reaching Kampar. I hate trains!!! I hate bus!!!! and I hate taxi!!!!!! Why cant there be an airline which operate from LCCT or KLIA that offer direct flight from these two airports to Ipoh???

By the way, i'm not even feel like going back. That place suck!!! The peoples there suck!!! The foods suck!!! Everything there were only stamped with just one words 'SUCK'!!!!! Most of all, i donno what the hell i'm doing there. Is like wasting my time only!! The course i'm doing now is so boring that i donno why i've choosen it in the first place. Most importantly, i see no future in it!!!!!!! Damn!!!!!! It may sound glam when peoples asked u, 'Hey~~~What course are you doing??' and you answered, '(Whatever that is science related)' but when peoples asked u, 'So, what will you be doing after you've graduated?' and you answered, 'I dunno, we'll just wait and see'. This is the time when peoples said, 'Oh~~~that means no market. So what's the point of taking tat course?' and this is the time when you start doubting yourself whether you have made the right decision.

Seriously, i know what is wrong now. I'm losing my passion in biology because i'm tired of reading facts and memorizing facts, theories which i don't even know where to apply, how to apply and what benefits it'll give to mankind? Is seriously suck to the point when you know what you are doing everyday is meaningless and useless. Coming from a place where education is not consider as the main priority. I donno why i've insisted on furthering my study in the first place because right now i really did have to admit that one would only get a big ZERO if all he/
she did in learning was just by sitting in class, listening to lecture, paying a thousand plus of fees for all those boring lecture classes, test and assignment, 30K in debt after graduation and in the end jobless or underpaid. I'm not rich and i'm not young anymore. If i got money, i can just say i quit and switch to another course. Since i got no money and there is no such thing as 'Youth Potion', i couldn't do so.


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  1. I don't know what is wrong with you. I thought the course is something tat you are very passionate about since long ago. While for my case, I just ended up in it cos of the route tat brought me. anyway, hope you get the AA la. Then, you will stop complaining.

    BTW, any news from there.



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