Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Helium gas for bicycle tyres

I have a sign telling me that this semester is going to be a waste of money. Class was getting ridiculously boring. I don't want to fall asleep in class but somehow my mind would just wandered off on its own thinking about some others stuff rather then concentrating on what the lecturer is explaining.

Lot of events coming up recently and i'm planning to involve myself in some. At least it wouldn't be that boring. Assignment was done and everything is fine. Jestrine wanted to organised a trip to Batu Berangin waterfall and she asked me to plan for the activities. that's something i've never done before. Do you guys have any suggestion what to do beside eating sandwiches at waterfall? Do comment and let me know.

My bicycle getting harder to pedal today. I guess is time to pump the tyres. Hmmp....maybe i should pump it with helium gas. Hohohohoho.......

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