Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don't panic!!

Connection at my house is a tragic. The best time to connect to the internet is around 5am-8am.

I've went to the bicycle shop yesterday with Kalai and bought a new bicycle. From today onward i'll be cycling to uni. Great~

It is only 2 days since the beginning of the new semester and as usual that particular beast is already panicking. C'mon!!! Is just 2 days!! Is just way tooooooooooooo soon to start hitting on the panic button. =_=|||

'I dun understand this!!!!'

'There's so many assignment!!! I don't have time already!!!'

'OMG!!! Why is this subject so hard?!!! Argghhhhh~~~'

=_=|||| Dude, i believe that you've only attended 1 class. What do you expect? If you really want to learn something that you didn't understand. Get a text book and go through whatever is necessary. As for the assignment part, just dont forget it is a group work. All you need to do, is just work together with that bunch of peoples you call team. What's so hard about that?

Wu~~~is 8am....gotta work my butt out of this chair.

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