Thursday, October 22, 2009

Class cancel

Ah~~~Class cancel.....How i love to hear that? There are only 7 weeks within this semester so i guess everything will be quite rushing. Now come to think of it, class cancel is the last thing i wanna hear about. Replacement class always come unexpectedly. In the end, i'll be cancelling some of my plan for the weekends just to make place for the replacement class. I tell you what. This suck.

Anyway, today i encountered the most funny lesson i've ever seen in my life. So what so funny about it? Haha. First of all, the lecturer is exactly like a clown. He talk like a clown, walk like a clown, move like a clown, and act like a clown. Opps....did i just said that? No, i did not. Pretend like you didn't read it. Not really a clown but he really do have the potential to be one. Hahaha. I'll forgive him for his hilarious lecture which somehow i donno why turn into a different topic, 'Boeing 787 Dreamliner'.

He seems so interested in aviation stuffs that he forget what he was teaching. Hahaha. Thanks to him, i need not update myself for the information. Hahaha. Sun Zi's Art Of War Business & Strategy is not as bad as what i thought it is. The whole chapter 1 is talking about how to win and plan for a war. That's great. I'll be learning about all these cunning strategies and it might be useful one day. I just hope that Chapter 2 will be more to the topic and not 'Airbus A350 XWB'. Hahahaha~~

Since today tutorial class was cancel, i went back home directly and did some household chores. It'd been 6 days since i last came back here and i noticed some algae growing in my toilet. I volunteer to clean it(Nah~~~10 times out of 2). I wonder why some peoples can be so blind. I guess is not blind. They just ignore the fact. Since i'm always the one keeping it in perfect condition maybe somehow this lead to me keeping her in blissful ignorance about the fact that dirty environment may lead to certain diseases. Oh, i forget. 'XXXXX'(whatever the nick you want to put) was kept in blissful ignorance for too long that somehow 'XXXX' forget how to distinguish between clean and dirty.

Ah....forget about it. There's too much to mentioned. Signing off to assignment world.

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  1. so fast got assignment liao... learnt sun zi liao teach me



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