Thursday, October 1, 2009

Celebrating Mooncake Festival~~~

Haha, this post was delayed for like 3 months. What a lazy person i am....haha....well maybe for some, you probably wont even bother digging it up from your draft box and posting it up here again. New year is coming up in a few days times. Since everyone is doing a reflection post on theirs blog, i should at least join in the bandwagon effect right? Just that, i'm going to do a little bit different than the rest by posting up story which have not been published. Well, is a great moment spent together with friends and family members which i don't want to forget. So, i did some editing on this post in order to not confuse myself and the rest. Haha.....

Mooncake festive falls on 3 Oct this year. Is the exact date of my flight back home. What a coincidence isn't it? A big feast waiting for me right after i got off the plane. I wonders will i needs to wait alone in the airport for hours before mum fetch me up this time. Hopefully it wont be. I hate waiting especially at the airport.

I'm still thinking of what to do for tonight. The whole Westlake was so quiet and dark that it assembles more like a ghost town than a student hostel area. I hate staying up alone in my room with nothing else to do beside surfing on the net.

Oh wait! Got a call from Wai Ching.

Guess what. I have stuff to do for now!!! Yahoo!!! They're outside of my house with lantern. Hoho! I'm going out. Be back sooner to completely update this post again.


Well, i got downstairs and saw them both with lanterns on their hands smiling back at me. They even prepared one for me. Oh, how sweet. Never thought that they will appeared outside my house with lantern for me. Hahaha!

We went to Scott house after that because they forget to bring along the lighter. By the time we are done with lighting up my lantern, the rain falls. Uh oh~~~not good. So we stayed outside of Scott house examine the Disney printed image on the lantern and also the reflection the plan cutting shape of the lanterns gives to the ceiling board.

We waited for the rains to stop but it just wont stop. So, we got tired of waiting and just went out. Surprisingly, the rains stopped when i went back home and grab the umbrella. Off we went to the lakeside with our glowing lanterns. Is still early before the actual date of the festive so peoples were staring at us as if we're some weirdos.

We find a spot and sat down with our lantern. Soon, more and more students went there with lanterns. There's one guy passing by us who said, 'Others lanterns were bigger than us lah'. Haha! Yup ours are the biggest.

We sat there chatting until 1.30am and went back home. Is a great day spent with friends i must say. Anyway, we did discussed and planned some activities for tomorrow at Ipoh. Haha....look likes i'm not staying up alone for too long. Haha....

Happy Mid-Autumn to everyones!!!!

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