Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Like it or not. You just gotta accept. Life move on and i'm sure want it to be better and better.

I'm just back from Uni. Now, this is the different with owning a bicycle and not owning one. Class at 8am today end at 9.30am. The next class is scheduled at 2pm. Wow, imagine if i dint get a bicycle yesterday. I'll be stuck in boring University for 4 and a half hours without anything to do. The library is moving to another block so it is currently close. There will be nowhere to go within this 4 and half hours. Luckily i'd got mine bicycle. Now i can just cycle back home and refresh myself before going for the next class. Hahahahaha

I was quite surprised to see a Nigerian in my class today. Well, he's the tutor. His slang is kinda funny but i guess everyone else are still able to catch hold of what he was talking about. Yesterday, i was complaining about lecturer speaking in Malaysian English and today i got myself one Nigerian tutor who is speaking in proper English(in a funny slang). Okay that's good. I think the tutor is quite frustrated because the whole class was not speaking. Haha....guess that's what we have here in Malaysia. The student is always quiet and doesn't have the courage to speak out.

Since there's no one in the class that i know i guess this time i just have to count on my luck. I've joined with some fellow for the assignment. Hopefully they are a bunch of peoples who really did theirs job well.

I just realized that this whole post is in words only. Okay, this may be a little bit boring. Cheers you guys up with some new stuffs i've learnt this morning.

'Are you less~~son~~ning?'
(Are you listening?)

'Is to lent~~~'
(Is to learn)

'When you food.....'
(When you work)

Okay, be back with more story. Gotta get my eyes some rest first

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