Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Since i've came back to my hometown this site had been left neglected for nearly 1 weeks. Hometown is still the same. Not much changes and nothing new. Planning to do some swimming before heading back to hell again. Coming back home is really boring. I dono why i missed home in the first place. All i did at home was eat, sleep, get up, eat, eat, and more sleep.

Mum and dad are busy with theirs work. Brother is hanging around at school most of the time and my little sister is busy with her exam. Friends are either working or taking care of theirs new born baby at home. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......i'm the only one free with nothing to do. All i did this past few weeks were plain boring stuffs like streaming ANTM at YouTube, give myself a downgrade from XXXXX to my little sister personal driver and counting the numbers of aircrafts which flew pass my house each day. I'm sure is enjoying my holiday but i would rather spent my time on something more worthwhile thought. Living like this sure hell is no fun at all.

Notice something really disturbing this few days after i'm back. Is all down to one word "Management". What can i say? Management is the key to efficient and effective outcome. Listen is the key to self-improvement. I wonder why some peoples are just so ego that they dont take others people advise and never listen. Deny~~~deny~~~deny~~~
When problems arise, they still deny~~deny~~~deny~~~

Anyway, interview will be on this coming weekend. Wow~~~good luck peoples. Stupid UTAR still wouldn't allow me to view my exam result. ^@%&@%!&!#$%78$^*^$%*@$@*% i'm so curious about my result and they still keep me waiting. #$^&@%&!$&%$&#$^&#%*%&*. Hateful!!! Hateful!!! Hateful!!!

Heard something called 'DNA vaccine'. Hmmppp...sound interesting. Maybe i should do more reading on that topic. Signing off to DNA world.

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  1. An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

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