Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just accept the fact

Okay, i admit. Sometime, i'm a bit stuck in my own thought toward certain issue and reject to see it at a different angle. I'm currently experiencing some hardship in my life now that i guess it explain why i'm acting this way. I just cant accept the fact!!! Yeah, i've been scolding people all this while because i'm so damn angry about myself. I don't usually act like this. I purposely kicking up a big fuss for some small issues simply to express my anger. I'm angry of myself for ruining my only chance to soar high up to the sky. I'm sad and angry at the same time. I'm glad that i've met some friends and i'm happy for those who'd succeeded. I must say it is a great experience. From initially 1000++ candidates to 300++ candidates and to 50++ candidates, this is some great moment to cherish about in my life but sometimes in life it is just hard to learn and accept the fact. Yeah, i admit. I'm still not mature enough and i'm not ready for the big challenge that lies ahead. After focusing my mind and pouring out my soul to really work hard for something which in the end turn out to be nothing, i guess i'm just too disappointed. Anyway, i'm mending my wound now. I'll be back more stronger, more fearless and more ready to face up with whatever challenges that are awaiting me next year. Right now, at this moment of my life i just need to stop thinking about it and accept the fact. Seem like i'm so gonna stuck here in Kampar for a SHORT period of time until i hear my calling.

Happy Halloween or Happy Mid-Autumn???

I wonder is there anyone else in the world that would celebrate Mid-Autumn at this point of time like what we did here in UTAR.

Wuahahahaha....see this.

Okay, is a little bit weird but somehow is fun. After the events, i went to explore the University. Yeah yeah, i'm attending lecture and probably seen every corner of the building but never in night. Hehe....


Bunch of kids that cheered me up....Haha

Scott you really have the potential. Hahaha

I love this photo.

Teruknya, rumah ni!!!!

The connection here is damn bad that i couldn't upload any photo to blogger. I wonder when this misery will end. I want to move. The whole house is PPS now. There is no point connecting to the internet. Even logging in to Google home page took me about 25minutes. This is seriously driving me nuts. I have enough. When the owner is back, i'm going to tell him that i'm moving.

Yesterday was Halloween Night, yeah~~~but i'm at Uni celebrating Mooncake festive. Hahahaha~~~

Anyway, something disturbing happened when i'm about to depart to Uni. A storm was coming in so we need to get our butt to Uni asap. Then!!!!!!!!!! This particular weirdo did something extraordinary again. Again and again!!!! Don't you know how to keep track of time??? Why it is that you are always the one 'Not Ready' when we're going on an outing?

You are pissed off??? I tell you what. I'M DAMN PISSED OFF!!!! I've told you, i'm going out at 7pm. By 7pm, you went for a bath. =_=''' Duh!!!!! Is 7PM, not 7AM. I think my post is getting more direct recently. I'm expressing my though on you more directly because you are simply too straight. Going round circle is useless. Please keep track of time and don't blame others for not waiting because you are the one wrong in the first place!!!!!!!!!

Here's one of the photo we've taken at Uni. And it'd took me 1 and a half hour to upload this. Michelle and Tweety. I'm the one breaking the dress code.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Damn pissed off!!!!

I'm so damn pissed off now i dunno where to express my anger.

Screw off!!!!!!!!!!

and stop bothering me okay!!!!!

I need time to think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would you kindly just shut up and go somewhere else???????



Just stop asking!!!!!!!!!!!! and stop guessing!!!!!!!!!! and stop questioning!!!!!!!!!!! and stop everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So go somewhere else!!!!!!!!!!!

More experiment~~~


I came back to my room this noon only to found a piece of 'clean and shinny' cloth which had been laying on the floor for near 2 weeks hanging on my chair. Whoaaayaaa~~!!!!
Okay~~~i get it. Now you're experimenting on some never before 'perfume' which seems to be abstract hem....'floor cloth'???? Kinda weird but i'm sure is going to fail. No, i'm wrong. The smell might be useful to attract some tiny bugs i guess. Yeah, i nearly forgot. Bugs are your friends. Anyway, i've placed it back to where it belong and is so not cool to let it hanging on the wrong place.

Class today was damn boring. There was no mentioned of another aircraft but today he talked about jet. Lolzzzz~~~What else we'll have next week?

I needs to give my eyes some rest. So tired.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You can curse me if you want.....

Everything happened for a reason. That's something you gotta understand. I dont do stupid thing without any reason okay!!! Is not that i dont want to open the window okay!!!! I purposely kept quiet today. This is one thing i've learned in life. When explanation doesn't work, you just gotta let that person experience him/herself. Otherwise, he/she will never learn the lesson. Now...can you get all those bugs out of my room??? I don't want it bugging on my face or my ears tonight when i want to sleep okay.....=_= Why you always act before even thinking logically?

Now you are complaining again about the delivery services. =_= haizzz like i've said. Think before you act. What do you expect??? Ordering at 9pm is already late. You cant blame them for delivering late because IT IS ALREADY LATE the time you place your order. Did you get that?

Some more, when i ate in the room, you commented on the smell but you forget one hard fact. Now you are eating in the room, should i do some ranking whose smell is more fragrant? Hoho~~~i bet you'll win because i seldom eat in the room. Coincidently, today i did not open the window which kinda trapped my 'fragrance' inside the room. I just want to say sorry because you enter the wrong place at the wrong time which caused your very much uncomfortable. Sorry~~~

Sorry for not letting your friend, BUGSSSsssss entering the room.
Sorry for trapping my 'fragrance' inside the room until you need to cover it up with another much more stronger 'fragrance' of your.

P/S~~~~This post is really dedicated to you. Have a good read and curse me if you want.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Helium gas for bicycle tyres

I have a sign telling me that this semester is going to be a waste of money. Class was getting ridiculously boring. I don't want to fall asleep in class but somehow my mind would just wandered off on its own thinking about some others stuff rather then concentrating on what the lecturer is explaining.

Lot of events coming up recently and i'm planning to involve myself in some. At least it wouldn't be that boring. Assignment was done and everything is fine. Jestrine wanted to organised a trip to Batu Berangin waterfall and she asked me to plan for the activities. that's something i've never done before. Do you guys have any suggestion what to do beside eating sandwiches at waterfall? Do comment and let me know.

My bicycle getting harder to pedal today. I guess is time to pump the tyres. Hmmp....maybe i should pump it with helium gas. Hohohohoho.......

Monday, October 26, 2009

Just another boring update

Finally, some of the blogs that i'm following have updated. Peoples been busy recently and didn't update, left alone me here with nothing to read.

Tomolo morning i'll be presenting for boring Teambuilding subject. Topic is Autocratic Leadership Style. Really boring!!!!

Off to bed now. I've just became a dustbin for someone to throw all his hateful emotions, unhappiness and so on toward the peoples that would determined his future. Ah~~be back with more comment about this guy point of view. Now i'm off to bed.

Sleeeeppppppppppp.....Good Night!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

End of first week

It'd been 1 weeks since i last came back here. Kampar is really hot. The only class schedule for today is at 12pm. Met some new friends today but is aint going that well with my lesson. Couldn't catch what the Nigerian lecturer was talking about.

I've done what is necessary for Monday presentation but neither one of them is prepared yet. Hope everything goes well then.

Is going to rain soon. Just saw a bird resting on the roof. The sky was really nice. The best music to play now is 'Canon In The Rain'. Haha.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Moving on"

Moving on is a name of the song by 911, a boy band which is kinda famous back in the 20 century. Today, somehow the lyric of this song just kept popping out from my memory. Melody of this song play automatically in my head over and over again. I guess it best describe my inner feeling now.

Here's the lyric. Loving the part where kids singing along in the background.

Moving on our way
Moving on our way

I will always remember
Our first days together
It felt like we had known each other forever

We were dreamers
And we were believers
To give up everything
To follow this dream

But one thing that we have learnt
Is to stand, together as one
And nothing will overcome
And nothing's gonna stop us now

Moving on our way
We're moving on in the one direction
We're growing stronger with each passing day
We're moving on we'll always remember
All our friends all along away

Moving on our way

Now there's been hard times
As the road unwinds
We've grown closer
It's been worth all the sacrifice

Times are changing
And I hear what you say
Can't look at the world
Through innocent eyes

First baby born in-flight

Just read a news that is so it is. This is really something we will only see it happened in movie. Now we got a real life version of it. Haha

Now, everyone can be born in-flight?:AirAsia's first baby

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 22 — A premature baby boy was delivered on board an AirAsia flight last night, 30 minutes after the aircraft left Bayan Lepas Airport in Penang.

The flight AK5606 was on its way to Kuching but had to reroute to the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) in Sepang when a pregnant passenger told crew members she was in labour pains.

Liew Siaw Hsia, 31, gave birth through the normal delivery to a premature but healthy boy, who became the first born in an AirAsia aircraft.

Edd Razhe, the personal assistant to the AirAsia chairman, said when the pilot was informed of the emergency, he contacted the control tower requesting a reroute to LCCT.

“The ambulance was already at the airport to take the woman and her baby to Putrajaya Hospital,” he said when contacted here, today.

Edd said a doctor only known as Ronald helped deliver the baby.

He added although it was an emergency, situation in the aircraft was normal and under control.

AirAsia Berhad chief operating officer Datuk Tony Fernandes, who is in Bangkok, Thailand, would be back in Kuala Lumpur to celebrate the arrival of the first born at Putrajaya Hospital.

AirAsia will provide a lifetime of free flights to both Liew and her son to all destinations. — Bernama

Sources from The Malysian Insider.

The reward is so cool.

Class cancel

Ah~~~Class cancel.....How i love to hear that? There are only 7 weeks within this semester so i guess everything will be quite rushing. Now come to think of it, class cancel is the last thing i wanna hear about. Replacement class always come unexpectedly. In the end, i'll be cancelling some of my plan for the weekends just to make place for the replacement class. I tell you what. This suck.

Anyway, today i encountered the most funny lesson i've ever seen in my life. So what so funny about it? Haha. First of all, the lecturer is exactly like a clown. He talk like a clown, walk like a clown, move like a clown, and act like a clown. Opps....did i just said that? No, i did not. Pretend like you didn't read it. Not really a clown but he really do have the potential to be one. Hahaha. I'll forgive him for his hilarious lecture which somehow i donno why turn into a different topic, 'Boeing 787 Dreamliner'.

He seems so interested in aviation stuffs that he forget what he was teaching. Hahaha. Thanks to him, i need not update myself for the information. Hahaha. Sun Zi's Art Of War Business & Strategy is not as bad as what i thought it is. The whole chapter 1 is talking about how to win and plan for a war. That's great. I'll be learning about all these cunning strategies and it might be useful one day. I just hope that Chapter 2 will be more to the topic and not 'Airbus A350 XWB'. Hahahaha~~

Since today tutorial class was cancel, i went back home directly and did some household chores. It'd been 6 days since i last came back here and i noticed some algae growing in my toilet. I volunteer to clean it(Nah~~~10 times out of 2). I wonder why some peoples can be so blind. I guess is not blind. They just ignore the fact. Since i'm always the one keeping it in perfect condition maybe somehow this lead to me keeping her in blissful ignorance about the fact that dirty environment may lead to certain diseases. Oh, i forget. 'XXXXX'(whatever the nick you want to put) was kept in blissful ignorance for too long that somehow 'XXXX' forget how to distinguish between clean and dirty.

Ah....forget about it. There's too much to mentioned. Signing off to assignment world.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Never listen to your parents!!!

Tonight we'll be celebrating the birthday eve of Henry's Birth-Day. Cake is laying safe and sound inside the refrigerator. I'm wondering what kind of flavor they get for him. Maybe i should taste it first before everyone else does. Hohohoho.....

Okay. 2 fellows from the blogging competition had been shortlisted. Both were 18 years old. 1 is a boy and 1 is a girl. 1 was damned happy and 1 was damned sad. Happy? Sure does but sad????? Make no sense. Hmmp..... unsupportive parents really does make theirs kid suffer. Parents~~~parents~~~

Another guy from the blogging competition once said 'Never listen to your parents'. Well, he's right. Absolutely right. Just don't listen and find your own way. Hahahaha... insupportive or unsupportive??? =_= i donno. Can anyone tell me?


Like it or not. You just gotta accept. Life move on and i'm sure want it to be better and better.

I'm just back from Uni. Now, this is the different with owning a bicycle and not owning one. Class at 8am today end at 9.30am. The next class is scheduled at 2pm. Wow, imagine if i dint get a bicycle yesterday. I'll be stuck in boring University for 4 and a half hours without anything to do. The library is moving to another block so it is currently close. There will be nowhere to go within this 4 and half hours. Luckily i'd got mine bicycle. Now i can just cycle back home and refresh myself before going for the next class. Hahahahaha

I was quite surprised to see a Nigerian in my class today. Well, he's the tutor. His slang is kinda funny but i guess everyone else are still able to catch hold of what he was talking about. Yesterday, i was complaining about lecturer speaking in Malaysian English and today i got myself one Nigerian tutor who is speaking in proper English(in a funny slang). Okay that's good. I think the tutor is quite frustrated because the whole class was not speaking. Haha....guess that's what we have here in Malaysia. The student is always quiet and doesn't have the courage to speak out.

Since there's no one in the class that i know i guess this time i just have to count on my luck. I've joined with some fellow for the assignment. Hopefully they are a bunch of peoples who really did theirs job well.

I just realized that this whole post is in words only. Okay, this may be a little bit boring. Cheers you guys up with some new stuffs i've learnt this morning.

'Are you less~~son~~ning?'
(Are you listening?)

'Is to lent~~~'
(Is to learn)

'When you food.....'
(When you work)

Okay, be back with more story. Gotta get my eyes some rest first

Don't panic!!

Connection at my house is a tragic. The best time to connect to the internet is around 5am-8am.

I've went to the bicycle shop yesterday with Kalai and bought a new bicycle. From today onward i'll be cycling to uni. Great~

It is only 2 days since the beginning of the new semester and as usual that particular beast is already panicking. C'mon!!! Is just 2 days!! Is just way tooooooooooooo soon to start hitting on the panic button. =_=|||

'I dun understand this!!!!'

'There's so many assignment!!! I don't have time already!!!'

'OMG!!! Why is this subject so hard?!!! Argghhhhh~~~'

=_=|||| Dude, i believe that you've only attended 1 class. What do you expect? If you really want to learn something that you didn't understand. Get a text book and go through whatever is necessary. As for the assignment part, just dont forget it is a group work. All you need to do, is just work together with that bunch of peoples you call team. What's so hard about that?

Wu~~~is 8am....gotta work my butt out of this chair.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Please lah~~~Wat lar u~~~I tell u is this one wua!!! Like this one lar~~~!!!

First day of class as usual is boring and meaningless.

Second day of class, things get better, class was interesting but the lecturer was speaking in Malaysian English which spark on my nerves. Cant she just stop using those words like 'lah', 'Wua', 'mar' and 'one'.

'Like this one lo~~~'

'You cannot blame me wua~~~'

'So come here lah~~~~'

'Say yes mar~~~~'

=_= Please lah~~~~i'm working damn hard on proper English okay. Please stop polluting my mind okay~~~~

Hopefully next day will be better.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I dont wan to go back!!!!!!!!!

Recently, i'm feeling so damn angry when it came to blogging as there is a lot i wanted to share here but i cant, simply because i don't want the whole world to know what've been happening to this girl. Apparently, i'll end up typing some boring stuff that i dont even feel like publishing it. Staring blankly at the screen, trying to came out with something to blog about, erasing the post again and again. It just not fun at all. Always, i'll end up hitting the 'cross' button and sign out.

Tomolo i'll be flying back to boring old town, Kampar as early as 5am in the morning. This is so gonna be an exhausting day as i'll be dropping by KL first and it will take out roughly about 6hours of my precious times sitting in a bus, a trains and a taxi before reaching Kampar. I hate trains!!! I hate bus!!!! and I hate taxi!!!!!! Why cant there be an airline which operate from LCCT or KLIA that offer direct flight from these two airports to Ipoh???

By the way, i'm not even feel like going back. That place suck!!! The peoples there suck!!! The foods suck!!! Everything there were only stamped with just one words 'SUCK'!!!!! Most of all, i donno what the hell i'm doing there. Is like wasting my time only!! The course i'm doing now is so boring that i donno why i've choosen it in the first place. Most importantly, i see no future in it!!!!!!! Damn!!!!!! It may sound glam when peoples asked u, 'Hey~~~What course are you doing??' and you answered, '(Whatever that is science related)' but when peoples asked u, 'So, what will you be doing after you've graduated?' and you answered, 'I dunno, we'll just wait and see'. This is the time when peoples said, 'Oh~~~that means no market. So what's the point of taking tat course?' and this is the time when you start doubting yourself whether you have made the right decision.

Seriously, i know what is wrong now. I'm losing my passion in biology because i'm tired of reading facts and memorizing facts, theories which i don't even know where to apply, how to apply and what benefits it'll give to mankind? Is seriously suck to the point when you know what you are doing everyday is meaningless and useless. Coming from a place where education is not consider as the main priority. I donno why i've insisted on furthering my study in the first place because right now i really did have to admit that one would only get a big ZERO if all he/
she did in learning was just by sitting in class, listening to lecture, paying a thousand plus of fees for all those boring lecture classes, test and assignment, 30K in debt after graduation and in the end jobless or underpaid. I'm not rich and i'm not young anymore. If i got money, i can just say i quit and switch to another course. Since i got no money and there is no such thing as 'Youth Potion', i couldn't do so.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Since i've came back to my hometown this site had been left neglected for nearly 1 weeks. Hometown is still the same. Not much changes and nothing new. Planning to do some swimming before heading back to hell again. Coming back home is really boring. I dono why i missed home in the first place. All i did at home was eat, sleep, get up, eat, eat, and more sleep.

Mum and dad are busy with theirs work. Brother is hanging around at school most of the time and my little sister is busy with her exam. Friends are either working or taking care of theirs new born baby at home. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......i'm the only one free with nothing to do. All i did this past few weeks were plain boring stuffs like streaming ANTM at YouTube, give myself a downgrade from XXXXX to my little sister personal driver and counting the numbers of aircrafts which flew pass my house each day. I'm sure is enjoying my holiday but i would rather spent my time on something more worthwhile thought. Living like this sure hell is no fun at all.

Notice something really disturbing this few days after i'm back. Is all down to one word "Management". What can i say? Management is the key to efficient and effective outcome. Listen is the key to self-improvement. I wonder why some peoples are just so ego that they dont take others people advise and never listen. Deny~~~deny~~~deny~~~
When problems arise, they still deny~~deny~~~deny~~~

Anyway, interview will be on this coming weekend. Wow~~~good luck peoples. Stupid UTAR still wouldn't allow me to view my exam result. ^@%&@%!&!#$%78$^*^$%*@$@*% i'm so curious about my result and they still keep me waiting. #$^&@%&!$&%$&#$^&#%*%&*. Hateful!!! Hateful!!! Hateful!!!

Heard something called 'DNA vaccine'. Hmmppp...sound interesting. Maybe i should do more reading on that topic. Signing off to DNA world.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Summary of my Perak journeys and G-force review

It'd been daysssss since i'm back and yet i still couldn't check my result. I'm so curious of my results. I wonder how it is. Urghh, seriously i think UTAR system should be categorize into the kingdom of crawling animals significantly to living things that is SLOW in movement.

No wonders i'm becoming more and more like UTAR. Always procrastinate on my works. Try hard not to get myself into this swirling pool of dilemma which nearly every Utarians practices. So, before coming back to home i spent 1 week in Perak visiting all the 9 districts. Did i? =_= hmmp....maybe not all.

I'd been to Kinta, Kuala Kangsar, Perak Tengah, Batang Padang and Hilir Perak. Seems like there're still 4 districts left.

Basically, these are all the major town i'd left my footprints on. Planning to go to Pangkor Island near Lumut but probably not this year since i'm just back from a beach vacation at Langkawi in early May.

So, this post is typically just another boring post of mine with summary of my whole Perak journeys. I'm just typing this out for future reference so i get to know which town to visit next time.

Hmmp....let see. I think i'd left out something. Oh yup. I forgot about this.

G-force!!! How can i forget this 3 little cute hamsters that's cooler than a real man-in-black and smarter than Einstein. Well, i survived a 1 half hours bus trip

from Kampar to Ipoh for the sake of watching this movie with Scott and Wai Ching in Jusco cinema just to found myself drooling off to sleep. I swear this is the first ever movie that got me to sleep inside a cinema. The only part i found funny was when one of the hamster said,' You get your butt out of my face!' and the other one reply with,' You get your face out of my butt!'. That's all i could remember for the movie.

After the movie we went back to old town for dinner before dragging our tired legs back to Kampar. I wanted to eat this since Scott is from Sabah and havent tasted the Ipoh famous cuisine yet. Cost about Rm22++.

That's all.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Celebrating Mooncake Festival~~~

Haha, this post was delayed for like 3 months. What a lazy person i am....haha....well maybe for some, you probably wont even bother digging it up from your draft box and posting it up here again. New year is coming up in a few days times. Since everyone is doing a reflection post on theirs blog, i should at least join in the bandwagon effect right? Just that, i'm going to do a little bit different than the rest by posting up story which have not been published. Well, is a great moment spent together with friends and family members which i don't want to forget. So, i did some editing on this post in order to not confuse myself and the rest. Haha.....

Mooncake festive falls on 3 Oct this year. Is the exact date of my flight back home. What a coincidence isn't it? A big feast waiting for me right after i got off the plane. I wonders will i needs to wait alone in the airport for hours before mum fetch me up this time. Hopefully it wont be. I hate waiting especially at the airport.

I'm still thinking of what to do for tonight. The whole Westlake was so quiet and dark that it assembles more like a ghost town than a student hostel area. I hate staying up alone in my room with nothing else to do beside surfing on the net.

Oh wait! Got a call from Wai Ching.

Guess what. I have stuff to do for now!!! Yahoo!!! They're outside of my house with lantern. Hoho! I'm going out. Be back sooner to completely update this post again.


Well, i got downstairs and saw them both with lanterns on their hands smiling back at me. They even prepared one for me. Oh, how sweet. Never thought that they will appeared outside my house with lantern for me. Hahaha!

We went to Scott house after that because they forget to bring along the lighter. By the time we are done with lighting up my lantern, the rain falls. Uh oh~~~not good. So we stayed outside of Scott house examine the Disney printed image on the lantern and also the reflection the plan cutting shape of the lanterns gives to the ceiling board.

We waited for the rains to stop but it just wont stop. So, we got tired of waiting and just went out. Surprisingly, the rains stopped when i went back home and grab the umbrella. Off we went to the lakeside with our glowing lanterns. Is still early before the actual date of the festive so peoples were staring at us as if we're some weirdos.

We find a spot and sat down with our lantern. Soon, more and more students went there with lanterns. There's one guy passing by us who said, 'Others lanterns were bigger than us lah'. Haha! Yup ours are the biggest.

We sat there chatting until 1.30am and went back home. Is a great day spent with friends i must say. Anyway, we did discussed and planned some activities for tomorrow at Ipoh. Haha....look likes i'm not staying up alone for too long. Haha....

Happy Mid-Autumn to everyones!!!!

Crazy for languages!!!!

Mandarin, Japanese and languages are all jumbled up now. Japanese vocab is different from english vocab but was a little bit similar to mandarin vocab. Mandarin vocab on the other hand is different from English vocab while is also a little bit different from Japanese vocab. Japanese Kanji is just the same like Chinese writing but it carry different meaning. Now i'm starting to jumble up the meaning of the words. Gosh~~~!!!

Since i got nothing better else to do, i'm doing more reading in Mandarin and writing more in Japanese. Ends English became so badly that i dont even feels like typing this post now. Oh gosh!!!! Anyway, i've been to Perak Tong a few days ago and i found this Jawi writing painted in black paint at the main entrance gate. I was quite surprised to see this. What's Jawi doing at a chinese temple?? Hoho~~~

Wondering what it meant?

Ta-Min-Pa-Ta = Tempat





Maybe someone can help me with this. The last word. I forget what that symbol represent already.

So the whole thing read 'Tempat orang Buddha sembahyang ??????'

=_= Blind one also know this is a temple lar~~~~

I'm sleeping okay, so keep your voice down BOYS~~~!!!

Urghh~~~This house is really killing me. Hey! Cant you guy go somewhere else to play your stupid game??? You guys are making my life miserable!!!! Imagine all the times wasted on this game. It is worth it? Go and do something worthwhile man!!! Or should i say boy?

By the way, why it is that it always have to be my house and my floor that you guys are gathering for gaming session? Gaming throughout the night, using my electricity, it is still okay to me but i'm so gonna CURSE THAT DAMN GUY WHO WOKE ME UP IN THE MIDDLE OF MY SWEET DREAM. Hey~~please lah, use your brain to think lah.....Oopss~~~i forget, you guys don't have a brain but i'm assuming that you owned a watch, so use it lar~~~~~See what time it is before you start shouting and laughing like you won a hundred million lottery.

I'm sleeping okay, so keep yours voice down BOYS~~~!!!

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