Monday, September 7, 2009

Westlake's Park

Cell Biology is the first subject schedule for my final exam. For two days, i've been in my room reading about cells functions, cells structures, cells signalling, cells trafficking, cells transportation, lab techniques, monomers, DNA, RNA, and etc. All these are really stretching my nerve cells to its limit, so i've decided to take some break and escaped to a park nearby.

Is my first visit to the park and i didn't expect much from it but turn out it's a nice place to hang out. The views of the highland and clear blue sky from here is quite pretty.

This is UTAR

and this is KTAR

How i wish they'll build a bridge that connect from here to my uni or maybe introduce something like a "sampan" service. Haha~ Then i'll wont be late for another class anymore. Is really suck(exempting the 'ice cendol' truck) to circle the whole lake before reaching the uni especially when you are rushing. There should be something to shortened the distance. See how long the distances is.

Anyway, i saw this poem crafted on the rock located further inside the park. Doesn't get what it means at all.

'San shui bla bla qing fang hao'
'San se kong bla yu bla qi'
'Yu ba xi hu bi xi zi'
'bla bla nong bla zhong xiang bla'
Hohoho......look at my Mandarin. Haizzz~~~

Luckily the translation in Malay and English is already done by some fellow whom already expected someone like me to be reading this. Anyway, i still don't get what the whole thing meant.

Further inside, I saw this two black and white pictures. It's rather fascinating to me.

So this is how Kampar town looked like in its old days. Can't believe that majority of the landscape i'm seeing now is actually once a big hole dug up for tin mining.

There's a girl with long black hairs and long white dress sitting on the bench actually but i just can't get the magic she did to this pictures. Hmmp....

Some care needed for this pond. The water lilies are screaming for help~~~~
"Help!!! Help!!! I'm dying!!!"

What an ugly lotus flower i got here =_=

My first intention is to capture a picture of the dragonfly but i photographed the lotus leaf instead. What so special about the leaf? Haha. I tell you what. Lotus leafs are used in nanotechnology to produce some self cleaning materials. The theory behind this is known as the 'Lotus-effect'. Heard of that before? Now you know. Haha.

Spotted this Mr.Spidey. "Hey, you need to fix your web."

Also spotted this....erm...doesn't really know what it is. I saw it crawling out of the hole while i'm leaving the water lilies pond. Look like a baby 'biawak' to me. If there is a small one, it means that there will be a BIGGER one. 0.0|||
Some random pictures of the view inside the park. Loving the sky. Nice right?
Fishes!!!! 0.0 Next time i'll make sure i bring along my fish net. Wakakaka~~~~

Didn't went up close there because of the peoples.

I wonder where these trees came from. It's older than the park itself.
Hate that bin over there!!!
Walk in and prepare to came out with Mr.Spidey on your hairs.

Here's something i cannot figure out what it is. Can anyone tell me, what's that pink stuff on the plant?
I saw some on the cement bridge too. Look like eggs to me or maybe larvae.
Why's this 'siput babi' floating in the lake? There's a lot floating nearby, not just one. It is still alive or just an empty shell?

The mosquitoes will be happy enough if someone is sitting on the bench.

There's a construction area nearby. See it?

Okay, i'm signing off to the books world again.


  1. Wah! Very nicely taken, your pictures!! :D

  2. the camera very good. use auto mode or need to switch mode one?



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