Monday, September 28, 2009

Too much tales to be told~~~~

I know i have a lot to update here but the connection at my house is really killing off my mood to do so. I just dont understand why. When there are 14 of us in this house, it took me roughly 2 minutes to load on to Google's home page but now at this point of time whereby most of the peoples are gone back to their hometown and with barely 6 peoples in this house.....I just dont understand why in the world it would took me more than 6 minutes to load on to Google's home page!!!!!!!!!!

Arghhhhhh~~~~~~~~~Nevermind i'll move out of this stupid house next year!!!!!!

Okay, seem like i have a lot of things to update here. This passed 3 days, i've been to quite a number of different places(but still in the same state) and taken over 500 pictures. Phew~~~ Now i don't even know where i should begin my story with. Guess i'll do it chronologically. on Day 1 of my Perak journey. I marked my first territory on the Perak's map which.......erm.......begin with a letter 'G'?.....erm.....No~~~No!!!!! Is not a 'G', i think is a 'B'.'m quite sure is not a 'G' or 'B'.......i think 'I'. No~~~but i think i begin with the letter 'G'. No~~~No~~~No~~~~is not a 'G' or 'B' or 'I'. Arghhhhhh~~~~so what it is? C'mon~~~THINK!!!!!

Okay~~~so forget about doing it in chronologically order. My mind will probably ended up in sorrow after i reaches the end of this post. I needs some sleep now to refresh my mind.

Off to bed. Be back soon.

P/S~Dont label me as a 'PIG' because i'm sleeping at this point of time. I sleep because i got a sign from God asking me to go to bed. Hey!!! I even got prove i tell you!!! See this~~~

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