Tuesday, September 29, 2009

To where the royals live~~~

Talk about Royal in Perak, i'm sure you've guessed correctly where i'm heading.

And was the old and quiet little town.....Kuala Kangsar~~~

A town with rich history dates back to the 18th century. be frank, this town is not as what my imagination thought it is, it was sooooooooooooo quiet and i barely seen anyone on the street. It took me about 2 hours to reach here by bus. The photo above was taken at Kuala Kangsar's bus station. That's a BIG labu sayong~~~!!! About 2km from here, is where the production center of this famed labu sayong located. The village was known as Kampong Sayong where majority of the village was dominant by orang sayong. I didn't manage to get there since my time is running out but i will next time.

A few walk down and i saw this Skyhawk. I was like......what's that!!!! Oh my~~~is a Skyhawk....i must take a photo of it. I went around searching for a spot to capture a nice photo of it but too bad there's no place for me to climb to the same altitude as it was at so i only managed to get this.

After having enough of this Skyhawk, i went down to check out the local town, a place where you can find all sort of foods there but......hmmp.....most of the shops there were all close and there's really nothing much to see so i catch on a taxi and went to Istana Kenangan.

A palace where the 30th Perak's Sultan used to live in. It was now converted into a muzium. There isn't much peoples around while i'm there. The surrounding of the palace was pretty silence and green (there're a lot of trees around). Visitors are requires to take off their shoes. I took this photo while i'm sitting at the staircase taking off my shoes.

The inside look something like this. Pretty chilling despite the hot weather outside. I'm amazed by the art works, the guy who built this palace sure did a great job on it. I was wondering how it stood stilt without collapsing since the wall was all made out of woven sliced bamboo. You have to be there to see it yourself then'll your understand what i'm talking about here.

I bumped into a Malay couple taking their wedding photo here while i'm about to leave at the staircase putting on my shoes. I was blocking their way up. The gown smiled to me, i smiled back and before i knew it, my mouth opened by itself and blurted out 'Semoga bahagia selama-lamanya' =_=||| God know what happened, but he said 'Terima kasih' anyway. So, i guess i didn't say anything wrong.

Spot the wood crafts below. I tell's super nice man!!!!

So, if you are interested to pay this palace a visit. Here's some information you might want to know.

Opening Hours
Everyday at 9.30am - 5.oopm
Friday closed from 12.45pm - 2.45pm

Taxi Stand Number : 05-7761092

It cost me about Rm2.5 to get there by taxi but i'm sharing my cabby with some one though.

On the way back, i spotted this

The Ubudiah Mosque. Sorry it turned out 'senget'. Haha.....This mosque has a very unique structure. Beautiful and interesting. I get the taxi driver to talk about Kuala Kangsar to me and he sure know a lot about this place. The 70 years old folk told me interesting story about this place and he even said he'll give me a special offer the next time i was here but i doubt he'll still remember me.

Too bad i doesn't have much time left since i'm travelling by bus, i gotta get my ass back to the station before dusk hit. I only reached Kampar station at 9.30pm. Wow....that's a long trip though.

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