Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shadow, Dream & Tears

I saw a dark shadow float pass my window this morning at about 1.30am. 0.0 Alright, it freak me out!!!! Just what the heck is that? Nah~~~is just a shadow reflected by a car passing by.

Then the weird thing happened, i was on my bed that time and suddenly i felt someone staring at me from the corner of the door, at the right side of my bed. I opened my eyes but i saw nothing except for darkness. I only heard a strang sound like people beating on some stell. 'DING' 'DING' 'DING'. And then, and then, and then, I fall asleep.

Yeah, i'm lame at telling ghost story. Wakakaka~~~Well, well, the true is something really did happened today. Something weird, for sure.

I have a dream and i woke up crying. I can't recall much what happened in the dream. I only knew that i dream of a chinese guy ages around 60++. This guy is telling me his story. His lifetime journey until the day he die. I remember a part where he got beaten by someone, someone not Chinese. I remember waking up at a point where he talk about something. I can see Li Yen beside me also a black figure standing right next to my bed. And then, i fall back to sleep again, continue back to my dream. I dreamt of this old man again and i remember the last thing he do is give me a red packet and dissapear. And i found myself waking up with tears in my eyes.



  1. Red packet ? Not ang pau izzit ? @_@|||

    And...since when yu advertise for Ogawa !?

  2. Yeah, angpow! Maybe i buy TOTO i will win. hahahahahahahaha...

    Yeah lo, help me click....



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