Thursday, September 24, 2009

Second destination, castle in the middle of an oil palm estate

Perfect blue sky, hot sunny day but wrong season. ~_~ Is so wrong to visit this place during Raya. Most of the locals were here with their family members. The place was so crowded that it's almost impossible to found a nice spot without those spoiler wandering around in front of your camera while you're preparing for a shot.

Look at the photo below carefully. See those spoilers on the roof top?

Now where should i begin my story? Hmmp...maybe i should do it in point form. It'll be easier this way. I'll save the rest of the story regarding this castle here. Just google 'Kellie's Castle' and you can read a whole lot of same old tales told over and over again. I'm not going to bore you guys with the same old story here. Instead i'll just talk about how to get there by bus from Kampar and what to expect there.

Going to Kellie's Castle from Kampar by bus
First thing first, you need to know where it is. The location is in Batu Gajah but the castle is at the border of Batu Gajah. I can say it's nearer to Gopeng instead.

So, after having a plan ideas of where you're heading. Follow these steps below.
  1. Go to Old Town Kampar's bus station.
  2. Board any bus that's going to Gopeng.
  3. Tell the bus conductor that you're going to Pekan Gopeng (not Medan Gopeng).
  4. Get down at Pekan Gopeng.
  5. Board any bus that's going to Batu Gajah.
  6. Tell the bus conductor that you're going to Kellie's Castle.
Not sure where you should stop? Spot for this green color shophouses in Pekan Gopeng.
I took this photo from the bus station of Pekan Gopeng.

Busses from Pekan Gopeng to Batu Gajah are not that frequent, the bus timetable can be seen from a board at the bus station. If you need to wait for the bus, do check out Gopeng town. Just walk straight from the bus station and you can find this museum. Learnt about the history of Gopeng there.

This photo was a bit blur but it's the best i could find by the very pathetic photographer of mine.
Right in front of the museum, you can spot this 100++ years old stable which is now converted into a shop. The roof top obviously needed some renovation.

Okay, enough of Gopeng. Back to our main focus here. So, Kellie's Castle is just across the main road to Batu Gajah town. Before reaching the town of Batu Gajah, you can see the castle by the road side. There's no bus stop outside of Kellie's Castle. Keep your eyes open for a sign of the castle and call for a stop when you spotted it. Here's one thing i found common with every bus drivers and bus conductor of Perak State. They don't remember their passengers request to stop so you need to be alert or keep reminding them of your destination but not that often until they get annoy by you. Do not assume they'll remember!
While you're there at Kellie's Castle, you need to pay for the entrance ticket. Bring along your student ID if you own one so that you can get a discount from Rm5 to Rm3. They don't check for details hem.....

After entering from the ticket counter, you'll cross over a bridge and from there it mark the beginning of your castle exploration. Nothing much to see there but do.......

Spot for~~~

1. Mr. Kellie Smite
Is at a conner of the castle, only those with sharp eyes like me can spot it. Hahaha.

2. The 3 secret tunnels

First one is at the wine cellar.
'Secret Inside'. Yeah, I'm inspired by the vandalisms act beside it. This place is very very very very very dark. I used flash for this. Is so dark that i lost the guts to peek at the tunnel. Maybe someone who is reading this now may get some photo of the tunnel for me.

The second tunnel is near the well but i couldn't find it.

Well, at least i'd found the well. Very pathetic. Haha.

The last one is at....i forget....ask those person in charge at the ticket counter. They can tell you the exact location.

3. The tree bear

Does it look like a bear clinging on the tree bark? I think it look more like a rabbit instead.

So basically that was all from me.

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