Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oldest rubber tree

The History. This tree is over 100 years old~~~~
What's so special about this tree??? Yup~~~I wish someone can answer me this question.
Spent about Rm21 to travel from Kampar to Kuala Kangsar back and forth in one day just to see this so-called oldest rubber tree in Malaysia. Seriously, i feel a bit dumb. Haha~~~

The tree is not even taller then the building behind it. I saw a lot more bigger, wider, and taller tree than this. That's why i'm a little bit disappointed because i though it would be bigger, wider and taller. Nope, this is all it got. A big trunk, some rubber tapping equipment on display nearby the tree and nothing else.
Anyway, i was quite astonished to see this 'scar' on the tree. There's still some dried latex sticking out from its 'wound'. doesn't look like an ancient wound to me. I'll leave it to you guys to decide about that. 'Ancient or recent?' I think both.
Did you guys see a face in this pictures??? I'm not telling you where it is. You gotta find out yourself. I believe is the ghost of Henry Nelson Ridley or better known as H.N.Ridley. Whose the heck is H.N.Ridley? Find out yourself.
When i'm posing in front of this tree, i heard a voice saying
'Hey you!!! Keep your hands away from my tree i tell ya!!!!'
No. Is not the ghost of H.N.Ridley telling me this. Is the pak cik nearby who is so damn afraid that i might spread the H1N1 viruses to his tree.

'Pak cik~~~saya dah basuh tangan lah~~~'

'Jangan sentuh!!! Nanti gatal!!!'

'Dah sentuh ni. Pak cik baru cakap.'

Really mei??? If we touch rubber tree we will get itchy??? Hmmp....i don't think so~~~

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