Saturday, September 19, 2009

Is time to explore~~~

Finally, i'm done with my exam~~~ Hahahahaha~~~~Anyway, i'm just pissed off by a COPYCAT who just got nothing else better to do beside copying. Sienz diao~~~C'mon~~~find your own life and stop 'copy and paste' mine okay!!!! Sienz diao~~~

Went to old town Kampar today just for this~~~
Kam Yew Asam Laksa

My housemate said it's the most famous Laksa around here. The funny thing is i don't find it tasty at all. It tasted salty and sour~~~Seriously i've never ever tasted something like this. Salty and sour at the same times. Wuack~~~What's more? There's no egg, no tauge, just meehun,
onion, veggie and dou gan.

Anyway, this is what interesting, although the laksa tasted like shit, the whole resident of Kampar town is here.....
Hahahahaha...this town is too small lar......Anyway, i went to explore Jalan Baru...which doesn't seem baru at all....
See that Jawi writting on the sign board. Now let me teach you how to decode it.

"Jim-alif= Ja, Lam-Nun=Lan, Ba-Alif=Ba, Ra-wau=Ru"

Add together is 'Jalan Baru'. Hahahahahaha~~~

Anyway, here's the funny thing i've spotted at Jalan Baru
Ruby's Tukang Jahit you've graduated from Unimas and now you'r a tailor. Right not? Ruby?

There's a temple here, well, is not really that interesting inside.
and there's quite a lot of weird weird never hear before god and goddess

Didn't take any picture inside because my arriving is already scary enough to the local. They just wont stop staring at me. Make me so paisei, i dont even have the mood to take any photo inside.
On my way back, i saw some cows along the roadside. Guess after today they'll all become the big feast for Raya.
Huhu~~~~I gotta plan for tomolo.....Now where should i go? Hohohoho


  1. Hahaha... yeah lo i graduated liao as a tailor now.

    by the way that shop is older than I am.

    I just came back from Manutik island. wahahaha

  2. Manutik island is where o??



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