Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm sleeping okay, so keep your voice down BOYS~~~!!!

Urghh~~~This house is really killing me. Hey! Cant you guy go somewhere else to play your stupid game??? You guys are making my life miserable!!!! Imagine all the times wasted on this game. It is worth it? Go and do something worthwhile man!!! Or should i say boy?

By the way, why it is that it always have to be my house and my floor that you guys are gathering for gaming session? Gaming throughout the night, using my electricity, it is still okay to me but i'm so gonna CURSE THAT DAMN GUY WHO WOKE ME UP IN THE MIDDLE OF MY SWEET DREAM. Hey~~please lah, use your brain to think lah.....Oopss~~~i forget, you guys don't have a brain but i'm assuming that you owned a watch, so use it lar~~~~~See what time it is before you start shouting and laughing like you won a hundred million lottery.

I'm sleeping okay, so keep yours voice down BOYS~~~!!!

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