Friday, September 18, 2009

I want to go home too!!!

Everyone seems to be going back to where they belong except for me.

I'm so gonna stuck here in West Malaysia until next month before flying back to my home sweet home. Tomolo is the last day of my exam. Will mark the first day of my holiday. Now what? Everyone is going back home and i'm still stuck here in Kampar not knowing what to do. I'm so NOT going to spent 1 weeks doing nothing here. Any advice??

Maybe i should`~~~~~
1) Visit Ipoh town and see what i can find there but the problem is, i'm not staying in Ipoh and the distances from Kampar to Ipoh is just too far(unless you got car). You cant travel back and forth in one day and i'm so not going to spent my night in a hotel. By the way, i'm planning to visit the town myself, yeah, you just read that, just me!!! I dont want anyone to follow.

2)Went to the hot spring or waterfall nearby here on bicycle. Sound nice~~~but can anyone show me the way??

3) Went to Cameron Highland and see how tea is manufactured. Hmmp~~~but dunno the factory is open to visitor or not lei~~~

4) Fly to Redang and go diving~~~ =_= at this point of time??? You must be kidding.

5) Fly to Cambodia and pay Angkor Wat a visit. Too bad my passport is not with me...sob~~~sob~~~

6)Spent the whole weeks doing gym~~~~and wait until the day schedule to go back~~~

I'll decide tomolo after test. Now!!! Chemistry!!!! Urghh!!!!!! I hate you!!! IUPAC naming!!!!!


  1. I think no. 3. No. 4 is impossible becos you don't have diving licence.

    I don't understand why do you have to purchase the ticket one month later instead of going back straight.



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