Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I love exam~~~(Craps)

2 test down, 3 more to go and then merdeka. Wosh~~~Test is taking me one step closer to the grave.

Ah~~~nothing much to update, planning of sleeping right after i got back from boring Pengajian Malaysia exam. Can't seem to sleep so i read for tomolo test. I'll be sitting for Computer test tomolo morning. Gosh~~~the test is schedule at 9am......!!! Somebody please wake me up before 7am~~~or else i'll probably sleep still 12pm. wonder i'm gaining weights. Really am turning into a pig.

Today test is so kanasai long. I means the duration of the test. Is so damn long i nearly fall asleep answering the paper. Should have awarded myself for not falling asleep during the test. Now came to think of it, i'm really is 'terror' for keeping my eyelids from closing for 2 hours. Normally, i'll end up on bed after 2 pages of Pengajian Malaysia. Craps....

I should be reading viruses, worm and trojan horses now, there's not much time left. Haha, i'm barely prepared for tomolo exam. Oh....and seems like i dont even have the notes. Oppssss....Signing off for beds....and an "F".

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