Thursday, September 17, 2009

House owner is going to kill me~~~

o.O he's going to kill me if he saw this.

Wakakakakakaka......i'd just plant a tree on his wall~~~. Hahahaha
Not bad right. Now who say science student dont have any art sense. Just that i think my tree looks a bit weird. Something is not so right for the tree branch, the way it grow is just so....erm...wrong. Anyway, forget about it. It's already fixed on the wall and i no longer can make any changes unless i scrapt the whole things off.

Finished my Professional Writing paper today morning. I nearly forget about the test if not because of my roommate waking me up. I'll have say "THANK YOU!!!!! MUACK~~~MUACK~~~MUACK~~~~". Now i knew the benefit of having a roomie. Hoho.

And not forgetting James Bond for sending me my exam slip~~~~LOL~~~exam slip also forget. Muahahahaha....."THANK YOU!!!!!" Phew~~~Now i know the important of having friends staying under the same roof.

You can just ask for a favour anytime you needs it. Just like this~~~

"Henry!!! Help me DABAO!!!! I wan ice kacang!!!! Fast go Fast back because i order for ICE kacang and not H2O kacang!!!!"

"Jestrine!!!!! Pinjam your rice cooker!!!!"

"Li Yan!!!!! Pinjam me your bicycle!!!"

"Rannie!!!! Pinjam me the pass year question paper!!!!"

"Bond!!!! Pinjam me 50 cent!!!! I want buy coffee!!!!"

"XXX, Wa~~~Your coffee seems very tasty hor~~~!!!"

Wa~~~Cant believe i'm such person!!!!

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  1. u draw the tree at the wall? no problem?



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