Thursday, September 24, 2009


It'd been raining for two days at here so i have no choice but to cancel my plan to pay the leaning tower in Teluk Intan a visit. Arghhhh~~~~i hate delay. By the way, a friend from Setapak is coming over to join me. Guess, i'll just have to delay my travel plan until the day she arrive. So far, she still haven confirm to me yet when she'll be coming over. Anyway, there is no need for a rush because i'm still so gonna stuck here for one more week before the big day.

2 days with nowhere to go, i've decided to clean up my messy desk and decor it with some nice vase with flowers. Huhu~~the end result looked something like this. I think is super nice!!!! Now pray hard that the house owner wouldn't ask me to repaint the wall for him when i move out. Haha~~~Anyway, i think i did a nice job. He should be thanking me. Muahahahaha~~~~

So nice~~~~Muahahahahaha~~~~~~



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