Saturday, September 5, 2009

Course registeration~~~

Opps....i'm stealing the headline from Spiky Sang. Yep~ I'm a thief.

Seriously, i really should write something about this new system introduce by UTAR president board. At least i must inform those out there who are planning to join UTAR. So at UTAR, we got this thing called "Course Registeration" where every students are asked to register the course units they are taking and choose the time they want to attend lecture class. In another word, is arranging your own time table.

Sound nice isn't it??? But, what i've seen is another failure of UTAR system. Changing examination time table at the last minutes, mistakenly register student to a wrong course, impolite and undedicated office staffs, and so on. All these are still bearable exempting the second example.

UTAR is just like a baby. Why? Only baby is ignorance and unaware of the problems that lay ahead. Maybe i should said, UTAR is aware of it just that this seems to be another nice strategy to suck more penny out of the students pocket. The baby should have a name. I couldn't think of one right now. Maybe you guys should help me figure out a name for it. Money sucking machine maybe....

Well, i'm nagging here because when the clock strike 12am midnight on the day of registeration. I couldn't log in to the uni intranet. There's 2 reasons behind this, one is because of the god-damn line at my house and second is the traffic of UTAR's registeration page. Some more there's an inconsiderate people urging me to shut the damn light off at that point of time too. Anyway, i somehow managed to log in by 12.30am and registered myself 3 subjects.

The problem is i'm suppose to register for 4 subjects but all the schedule are full and there's no more classes left for me. Then the next day, i went to the office and asked them what i'm suppose to do. Then the staff said,"You need to wait until the next semester and then you cover back the subject you'd left out".

So i asked," What if in the next sem, i'm still is one of those unlucky students and fail to register for the subject?"

"Then you just need to wait until the next next sem."

"Then, what if, the same thing happened again during the last sem of my very last semester here in UTAR"

"Then we'll ask you to prolong one more sem."

"Which means that i'll be staying here for another half more year just to complete that one and only subject i couldn't register myself for because of the ineffective, unplanned, implausible, and imbecile system of UTAR!!!!?"

"That's why UTAR is trying to solve the problem."

"No. UTAR should not try to solve the problem. UTAR 'MUST' solve the problem"

"We couldn't arrange for addition classes because we have no enough lecturer."

"This is ridiculous. If there's no sufficient labors then UTAR should not have introduce those subjects without enough lecturer into our syllabus in the first place. UTAR should have known how many students will be registering for that one particular subject and should have offered sufficient classes for the whole students. Not prolonging the duration of our degree courses. And one more thing i need to highlight here, when there's over a 100 students failing for the Math test. UTAR immediately added in a new class without even saying there's no sufficient lecturer to handle the additional class. Now, there's only roughly about 50 students, why cant UTAR do the same thing?"


"And, i dont really want to say this but i just don't understand why is all the subjects in my syllabus seems very unrelated to my field of study. What with all this 'Sun Zi's Bing Fa','Introduction to Sociology', 'Introduction to Performing Arts', 'Culture and Communication', 'Organisation and human behaviour' doing in the list???? You know what? I'm begining to question myself, I'm a science student or what??? 'Introduction to performing art' What does it sound like? Drama?"

"We'll try our best to solve the problem"

"You better be, or i'll do something about it"

And i'm so gonna curse you to death and spoil your reputation if you'r giving me bad news. Pray hard UTAR!!!


  1. why your skol so cacat one? we oso have those kind of system but wat they do is the core course is compulosory to take. The classes is available so we dun have to worry about the not enough spaces for student.

    We only need to fight for the complementary courses which are additional subjects.

    I ever read the syllabus of your course, but it don't seems to consists of wat performing art and sun zi bing fa leh... they changed it? Due to lack of lecturer to teach the proper subjects?

    I think the core should not be asked to wait cos it is connected to one another if you don't have the basic, then how can you proceed, it will affects your other core subject as well.

  2. Yep funny lei~~~

    My core subject for this sem is the "Sun Zi Bing Fa".

    Can you believe it???



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