Monday, September 21, 2009

Bad apple

There's one thing i notice here in Kampar. There is no fresh fruits on sale. I donno why. Maybe because the local is not that keen to buy fruits but more on salty foods.....guess that's why there's not even one fruits stall in new town. The only way to get fruits is to travel 2km to old town. Although there are some fruits stall in old town but that doesn't means that the fruits on sale is fresh.....

See this.....luckily i'm an expert in apple. I can tell an apple is good or bad by just looking at first sign. Anyway, just to put my skill on a small test. I purposely bought this apple with a tiny little hole on it. Just to see how far a bad apple can goes.

Here i demo to you.

A tiny little hole~~~~ Can spoil an apple this far.....

Geng bo~~~~? Now Lee...i won the me back my Rm1.2

1 comment:

  1. ceh so rich meh.. purposely spent the money to buy lousy apple.



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