Friday, September 4, 2009

Alert!!! New species found!!!!!

Suffering from hypertension recently until I've neglected my blog. Doesn't have the mood to blog. Anyway I'm back now with my newest discoveries!!!!

So in science we have this thing called photoreceptor. It is found in human eyes locating at the inner part of the retina. Biologist from the whole universe had confirmed this fact for decades yet today I'm here to announce that 'THEY ARE ALL WRONG!!!!!!'. Well, what make me say that?

Now first thing first, let me introduce you to my study. Well, i do not intense to carry out this experiment in the first place but surprisingly without me realizing it, i've actually been doing this experiment repeatly for quite sometimes already. Well, you see, there've been some weird phenomenom happening in my room of which i couldn't find any explaination for it. The problem first arised in mid June until now. Well, you see, the problem had been sticking around for quite sometime already and i guess it just is the time i do something about it. A problem is a problem. Face it. Take the challenge. Deal with it and solve it.

So, to clear thing for my own benefits, i've decided to conduct this test. Materials used for the experiment is as simple(you can find it anywhere) as shown below:

1) Beam of light

2)Homo sapiens
3) Laptop
4)Tap water
5) Door
7) Table lamp
10) Alarm clock
Here's how you carry out the experiment.

First, all you need to do is to place the homo sapiens(make sure is already asleep with eyes closed) on a bed inside a room without any light source. Please do make sure that the materials needed for the study are all well prepared. Now, switch on the laptop. Next, switch off the laptop and switch on the table lamp. Moving on, switch off the table lamp and place the books slowly down onto the desk. Now get out(if you are inside) or get in(if you are outside) the room by tuning on the door knob as slowly as possible. Please do take note here. I said "SLOWLY" and i really meant the slowest you can do. Now, you gonna wash your hands, so get into the bath room and open up the tap water. Lastly, set the alarm clock to ring at 7.30am the next morning and wait until the next morning when the alarm clock strike 7.30am. Remember, with each steps performed you are require to record down any responses from the homo sapiens on bed.

Now, let have a look at my results.

1) laptop is switched on===== >homo sapiens woke up
2)Table lamp is switched on=====>homo sapiens woke up
3)Books are placed slowly down onto the wooden desk=====>homo sapiens woke up
4)Get in or out of the door=====>homo sapiens woke up
5)While opening up the tap water====>homo sapiens woke up
6)Alarm clock strike 7.30am====>homo sapiens did not wake up!!!!

Viola~~~Can you believe it..........look at my results!!!! It only tell us one thing and what is that thing??? Yes, you are right. It indicates that

"Photoreceptor not only grown inside the retina but also found on human skins cell!!!"

Now let me explain my study, i'll start my explanation with hard facts. Well, here goes.

Photoreceptor is a kind of nerve cell found in the eyes which is responsible for phototransduction, a process whereby light are converted into a signal to be decode by the brain. Previous studies said that the photoreceptors are found mainly in the inner retina of human eyes. Anyway, from the experiment i've conducted, somehow, without the aid of photoreceptors locating inside the retina, the homo sapiens are still capable of undergoing the phototransduction process. This means that photoreceptors are not only found in the eyes but also wherelse in the human body. Since 90% of the skin cells are the one exposing to the light source, i highly assume that photoreceptors are also found on the skin cells of this homo sapiens.

Anyway, one thing has been bothering me. Since the homo sapiens can wake up by the time the tap water is opened and also when the books were placed onto the table and also when the door was opened or closed. All these records are also telling us that this homo sapiens was very hypersensitive to sound waves. Now the question arise. Then why the hell the homo sapiens do not wake up by the time the alarm clock rang???? Why ar??? Can anyone tell me why ar??

Oh~~~before i end this, i nearly forget that this homo sapiens will give you this look whenever it wake up. you know why i'm suffering from hypertension. Doing this experiment daily is not easy okay~~~


  1. at least will close the door la.. mine one the door din even close one ah. then the living room chatting sound and the tap water sound... like tat only complain ma..

  2. What i means is, if the homo sapiens is already inside the room. You went in or out the door. As long as you turn the door knob. The homo sapiens will wake up.

    Tat's what causing me all the tension. You dont know how suffering it is. Is a superd hypersensitive to light and sound homo sapiens we are talking about here.

    Is an unseen forces that's causing me all this tension until i don't even feel relax in my own space. And that's terrible. I'm afraid even if i breath or a simple thing i do will accidentally spark the homo sapiens nerves. By the way, the simple thing i meant here is simple thing like placing the books or washing my face or tuning the door knob or mouse clicking sound or light shining through from underneath the door or light from the laptop screen. Now, i'm begining to sense that even if i'm siting at my own desk. I spark the homo sapiens nerve too because siting there is equal to "blocking". Blocking up the space which suppose to be clear for the homo sapiens. Gross!!!

    Clueless of what'd initiated the homo sapiens temper and what i've did which seems to be wrong in the homo sapiens point of view. All this is driving me nuts!!!!

    I need a space to gasp for breath!!!! I need to feel relax and not getting more and more tension!!!!

    conclusion rejected!
    that species is not homo sapiens ok,
    it is actually Sus domestica,
    if u wonder wat isit, u may googled the phrase "麦兜", then u will know how it looks like.

    Yes~Give me 5! *_^V



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