Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oldest rubber tree

The History. This tree is over 100 years old~~~~
What's so special about this tree??? Yup~~~I wish someone can answer me this question.
Spent about Rm21 to travel from Kampar to Kuala Kangsar back and forth in one day just to see this so-called oldest rubber tree in Malaysia. Seriously, i feel a bit dumb. Haha~~~

The tree is not even taller then the building behind it. I saw a lot more bigger, wider, and taller tree than this. That's why i'm a little bit disappointed because i though it would be bigger, wider and taller. Nope, this is all it got. A big trunk, some rubber tapping equipment on display nearby the tree and nothing else.
Anyway, i was quite astonished to see this 'scar' on the tree. There's still some dried latex sticking out from its 'wound'. doesn't look like an ancient wound to me. I'll leave it to you guys to decide about that. 'Ancient or recent?' I think both.
Did you guys see a face in this pictures??? I'm not telling you where it is. You gotta find out yourself. I believe is the ghost of Henry Nelson Ridley or better known as H.N.Ridley. Whose the heck is H.N.Ridley? Find out yourself.
When i'm posing in front of this tree, i heard a voice saying
'Hey you!!! Keep your hands away from my tree i tell ya!!!!'
No. Is not the ghost of H.N.Ridley telling me this. Is the pak cik nearby who is so damn afraid that i might spread the H1N1 viruses to his tree.

'Pak cik~~~saya dah basuh tangan lah~~~'

'Jangan sentuh!!! Nanti gatal!!!'

'Dah sentuh ni. Pak cik baru cakap.'

Really mei??? If we touch rubber tree we will get itchy??? Hmmp....i don't think so~~~

To where the royals live~~~

Talk about Royal in Perak, i'm sure you've guessed correctly where i'm heading.

And was the old and quiet little town.....Kuala Kangsar~~~

A town with rich history dates back to the 18th century. be frank, this town is not as what my imagination thought it is, it was sooooooooooooo quiet and i barely seen anyone on the street. It took me about 2 hours to reach here by bus. The photo above was taken at Kuala Kangsar's bus station. That's a BIG labu sayong~~~!!! About 2km from here, is where the production center of this famed labu sayong located. The village was known as Kampong Sayong where majority of the village was dominant by orang sayong. I didn't manage to get there since my time is running out but i will next time.

A few walk down and i saw this Skyhawk. I was like......what's that!!!! Oh my~~~is a Skyhawk....i must take a photo of it. I went around searching for a spot to capture a nice photo of it but too bad there's no place for me to climb to the same altitude as it was at so i only managed to get this.

After having enough of this Skyhawk, i went down to check out the local town, a place where you can find all sort of foods there but......hmmp.....most of the shops there were all close and there's really nothing much to see so i catch on a taxi and went to Istana Kenangan.

A palace where the 30th Perak's Sultan used to live in. It was now converted into a muzium. There isn't much peoples around while i'm there. The surrounding of the palace was pretty silence and green (there're a lot of trees around). Visitors are requires to take off their shoes. I took this photo while i'm sitting at the staircase taking off my shoes.

The inside look something like this. Pretty chilling despite the hot weather outside. I'm amazed by the art works, the guy who built this palace sure did a great job on it. I was wondering how it stood stilt without collapsing since the wall was all made out of woven sliced bamboo. You have to be there to see it yourself then'll your understand what i'm talking about here.

I bumped into a Malay couple taking their wedding photo here while i'm about to leave at the staircase putting on my shoes. I was blocking their way up. The gown smiled to me, i smiled back and before i knew it, my mouth opened by itself and blurted out 'Semoga bahagia selama-lamanya' =_=||| God know what happened, but he said 'Terima kasih' anyway. So, i guess i didn't say anything wrong.

Spot the wood crafts below. I tell's super nice man!!!!

So, if you are interested to pay this palace a visit. Here's some information you might want to know.

Opening Hours
Everyday at 9.30am - 5.oopm
Friday closed from 12.45pm - 2.45pm

Taxi Stand Number : 05-7761092

It cost me about Rm2.5 to get there by taxi but i'm sharing my cabby with some one though.

On the way back, i spotted this

The Ubudiah Mosque. Sorry it turned out 'senget'. Haha.....This mosque has a very unique structure. Beautiful and interesting. I get the taxi driver to talk about Kuala Kangsar to me and he sure know a lot about this place. The 70 years old folk told me interesting story about this place and he even said he'll give me a special offer the next time i was here but i doubt he'll still remember me.

Too bad i doesn't have much time left since i'm travelling by bus, i gotta get my ass back to the station before dusk hit. I only reached Kampar station at 9.30pm. Wow....that's a long trip though.


Is raining again~~~Oh great!!! If you listen to the rhythm of the falling rain carefully. You might hear the message they are carrying. Well, i heard it and this is what they've said

'Is time to hibernate'


Monday, September 28, 2009

Too much tales to be told~~~~

I know i have a lot to update here but the connection at my house is really killing off my mood to do so. I just dont understand why. When there are 14 of us in this house, it took me roughly 2 minutes to load on to Google's home page but now at this point of time whereby most of the peoples are gone back to their hometown and with barely 6 peoples in this house.....I just dont understand why in the world it would took me more than 6 minutes to load on to Google's home page!!!!!!!!!!

Arghhhhhh~~~~~~~~~Nevermind i'll move out of this stupid house next year!!!!!!

Okay, seem like i have a lot of things to update here. This passed 3 days, i've been to quite a number of different places(but still in the same state) and taken over 500 pictures. Phew~~~ Now i don't even know where i should begin my story with. Guess i'll do it chronologically. on Day 1 of my Perak journey. I marked my first territory on the Perak's map which.......erm.......begin with a letter 'G'?.....erm.....No~~~No!!!!! Is not a 'G', i think is a 'B'.'m quite sure is not a 'G' or 'B'.......i think 'I'. No~~~but i think i begin with the letter 'G'. No~~~No~~~No~~~~is not a 'G' or 'B' or 'I'. Arghhhhhh~~~~so what it is? C'mon~~~THINK!!!!!

Okay~~~so forget about doing it in chronologically order. My mind will probably ended up in sorrow after i reaches the end of this post. I needs some sleep now to refresh my mind.

Off to bed. Be back soon.

P/S~Dont label me as a 'PIG' because i'm sleeping at this point of time. I sleep because i got a sign from God asking me to go to bed. Hey!!! I even got prove i tell you!!! See this~~~

Thursday, September 24, 2009


It'd been raining for two days at here so i have no choice but to cancel my plan to pay the leaning tower in Teluk Intan a visit. Arghhhh~~~~i hate delay. By the way, a friend from Setapak is coming over to join me. Guess, i'll just have to delay my travel plan until the day she arrive. So far, she still haven confirm to me yet when she'll be coming over. Anyway, there is no need for a rush because i'm still so gonna stuck here for one more week before the big day.

2 days with nowhere to go, i've decided to clean up my messy desk and decor it with some nice vase with flowers. Huhu~~the end result looked something like this. I think is super nice!!!! Now pray hard that the house owner wouldn't ask me to repaint the wall for him when i move out. Haha~~~Anyway, i think i did a nice job. He should be thanking me. Muahahahaha~~~~

So nice~~~~Muahahahahaha~~~~~~

Second destination, castle in the middle of an oil palm estate

Perfect blue sky, hot sunny day but wrong season. ~_~ Is so wrong to visit this place during Raya. Most of the locals were here with their family members. The place was so crowded that it's almost impossible to found a nice spot without those spoiler wandering around in front of your camera while you're preparing for a shot.

Look at the photo below carefully. See those spoilers on the roof top?

Now where should i begin my story? Hmmp...maybe i should do it in point form. It'll be easier this way. I'll save the rest of the story regarding this castle here. Just google 'Kellie's Castle' and you can read a whole lot of same old tales told over and over again. I'm not going to bore you guys with the same old story here. Instead i'll just talk about how to get there by bus from Kampar and what to expect there.

Going to Kellie's Castle from Kampar by bus
First thing first, you need to know where it is. The location is in Batu Gajah but the castle is at the border of Batu Gajah. I can say it's nearer to Gopeng instead.

So, after having a plan ideas of where you're heading. Follow these steps below.
  1. Go to Old Town Kampar's bus station.
  2. Board any bus that's going to Gopeng.
  3. Tell the bus conductor that you're going to Pekan Gopeng (not Medan Gopeng).
  4. Get down at Pekan Gopeng.
  5. Board any bus that's going to Batu Gajah.
  6. Tell the bus conductor that you're going to Kellie's Castle.
Not sure where you should stop? Spot for this green color shophouses in Pekan Gopeng.
I took this photo from the bus station of Pekan Gopeng.

Busses from Pekan Gopeng to Batu Gajah are not that frequent, the bus timetable can be seen from a board at the bus station. If you need to wait for the bus, do check out Gopeng town. Just walk straight from the bus station and you can find this museum. Learnt about the history of Gopeng there.

This photo was a bit blur but it's the best i could find by the very pathetic photographer of mine.
Right in front of the museum, you can spot this 100++ years old stable which is now converted into a shop. The roof top obviously needed some renovation.

Okay, enough of Gopeng. Back to our main focus here. So, Kellie's Castle is just across the main road to Batu Gajah town. Before reaching the town of Batu Gajah, you can see the castle by the road side. There's no bus stop outside of Kellie's Castle. Keep your eyes open for a sign of the castle and call for a stop when you spotted it. Here's one thing i found common with every bus drivers and bus conductor of Perak State. They don't remember their passengers request to stop so you need to be alert or keep reminding them of your destination but not that often until they get annoy by you. Do not assume they'll remember!
While you're there at Kellie's Castle, you need to pay for the entrance ticket. Bring along your student ID if you own one so that you can get a discount from Rm5 to Rm3. They don't check for details hem.....

After entering from the ticket counter, you'll cross over a bridge and from there it mark the beginning of your castle exploration. Nothing much to see there but do.......

Spot for~~~

1. Mr. Kellie Smite
Is at a conner of the castle, only those with sharp eyes like me can spot it. Hahaha.

2. The 3 secret tunnels

First one is at the wine cellar.
'Secret Inside'. Yeah, I'm inspired by the vandalisms act beside it. This place is very very very very very dark. I used flash for this. Is so dark that i lost the guts to peek at the tunnel. Maybe someone who is reading this now may get some photo of the tunnel for me.

The second tunnel is near the well but i couldn't find it.

Well, at least i'd found the well. Very pathetic. Haha.

The last one is at....i forget....ask those person in charge at the ticket counter. They can tell you the exact location.

3. The tree bear

Does it look like a bear clinging on the tree bark? I think it look more like a rabbit instead.

So basically that was all from me.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


好吧, 正如我所说的, 找一天一定要打一偏烂文章出来折腾,折腾一下个位仁兄仁姐, 那今天就在这里本姑娘先显丑了, 敢请个位,多多包含(好象卖艺的这样). 如有人因为看了这篇烂文章,华语退步了,那么我就只能说,是你自己活该,没事跑来这里干吗? 越说越撤了, 好吧,进入正题.

Home 不用我翻译大家都知道那是家的意识. 每个人对家的定义都不同,有些人会觉得说,家就是一个有温暖,有爱的地方, 但是也有些人会觉得说家只是一个拿来睡觉的地方.每天累了就回来睡,睡包了就出去,有家人没家人在家都一样,就只是一个睡觉的地方半了.

说到家,我现在巴不得回家,这里让我很不舒服,至于原因嘛~~~太多了,我都不知到要从那里开始例起.如过硬是要举个例子嘛~~~那就是因为这里有一只(先吸一口气)~~~自以为是,又爱数落人,讲话没根据,没大脑,被人算了,还要硬狡辩,硬是要逞强,只有他对别人都错,一讲话千里以外的人都听得到, 爱看不起人但是自己也不想想自己到底有什么厉害过人? , 没自信又爱自命清高!!! 爱装かわいいでもかわいいじゃありません、 爱做作又爱抄袭人的猫!!!! 哇~~这一口气我吞了很久了!!! 骂出来,只有一个字 '爽'!!!! 我相信这一只会说人话的猫,应该还不自于那么白目吧,名眼的都看得出来我指的是哪位. 但是,我不是来骂人的.




废话了这么久,突然发现这篇文章好像没什么重点.哈哈~~~其实也不谈不上是文章啦.感觉好像一只疯狗在乱吠~~~哈哈~~~那就来分享一下这首已经存档在我MP4里快两年半的日文歌曲. 我觉得满好听,歌词也写得还不赖~~~清水翔太 的 Home



今更帰れないよ あの场所は 事到如今已经不能回去了,那个地方
どんな素敌な思い出も 无论多么美好的回忆
心にしまっておくべきなのさ 都值得深深系在心里
今でも思いですよ それでいいんだ 到现在还会记起 这就足够了
心配ないよ まだ歌えるよ 不要担心 我们还能歌唱
いつか帰るよ 仆だけの 总会回去的 只属于我的
急な通り雨 突然的阵雨
募る苛立ちこころに扫き溜め 冲刷着越来越焦躁的心灵
あれからいくつの季节を超え 从那以来已经度过了几个季节
でもまだ闻こえてくる故郷の声 但是仍然听得到故乡的声音
格好つけて飞び出した 敷衍局面,冒然离去
别れ惜しむ人达裏切った结果になった 最终辜负了那些我不忍惜别的人们
こんなボロボロの梦 那么破碎的梦想
1人じゃどうしようもなかった 我一个人什么办法也没有
そんな时に出会った人々 那个时候遇见的人们
きっと人はそんなに强くない だから 人总是没有那么的坚强 所以
嫉妬やエゴに饮まれてしまいそうになるよ 自己承受着嫉妒
でもそんな仆を优しく抱きしめた 但是温柔的抱住那时我
悲しくて泣いた 悲伤的哭泣
自分の弱さがそのとき理解った 那个时候才知道自己的脆弱
でも梦叶った 但是实现了梦想
少しそんな気になった 有一点那样的感觉
そして仆はHOMEができた 所以我找到了HOME
まるでマイホームみたいなでかい支えが 就像自己家一样给我巨大的支持
明快に见えた 世界変わった 明快的看到了 世界变了
息をするのが楽になった 呼吸也变得轻松愉快
1秒1秒成长してくみんな 1秒1秒在成长的大家
だから出会えてよかった 所以能够相遇太好了
こうなれてよかった 变成这样太好了
だから仆は何もかもを话した 所以我把一切都说出来
心安らげる场所 心灵悠然的地方
谁にでも1つはある筈だよ 不论是谁都应该有一个
仆は同じ日々生きた仲间达や 和我一同天天生活的朋友们
隣にいてくれた恋人や 在我身边的恋人
それを失ってでも 即使这些失去了
かなえたい 梦 无法实现的梦想
それも失って、 这些也失去了
でも また思い出させてくれた 但是,仍然能够想起
新しい仆のHOMEがここにある 崭新的我的HOME在这里
でもまだ思い出す 但是仍然记起
今更帰れないよ あの场所は 事到如今已经不能回去了,那个地方
どんな素敌な思い出も 无论多么美好的回忆
心にしまっておくべきなのさ 都值得深深系在心里
今でも思いですよ それでいいんだ 到现在还会记起 这就足够了
心配ないよ まだ歌えるよ 不要担心 我们还能歌唱


imasara kaere naiyo ano basho wa
donna suteki na omoide mo
kokoro nishimatteokubekinanosa

ima demo omoidasu yo soredeiinda
shinpai naiyo mada utae ruyo
itsuka kaeru yo bokudakeno home

kyuuna toori ame

tsunoru iradachi kokoro ni haki tame
arekaraikutsuno kisetsu wo koe
demomada kiko etekuru kokyou no koe
kakkou tsukete tobidashi ta

wakare oshi mu hitotachi uragitta kekka ninatta
konna boroboro no yume hitori jadoushiyoumonakatta

sonna tokini deatta hitobito
kitto nin hasonnani tsuyoku nai dakara

shitto ya ego ni noma reteshimaisouninaruyo
demosonna bokuwo yasashi ku daki shimeta kanashi kute nai ta
jibun no yowasa gasonotoki rikai tta

demo yume kanatta sukoshi sonna kini natta
soshite bokuwa home gadekita
rude maihomitainadekai sasae ga
meikai ni mie ta sekai kawa tta
iki wosurunoga raku ninatta

ichibyou ichibyou seichoushi tekuminna

dakara deae teyokatta kounareteyokatta
dakara bokuwa nanimo kamowo hanashi ta
kokoro yasura geru basho dare nidemo hitotsuhaaru hazu dayo
bokuwa onaji hibi iki ta nakamatachi ya
tonari niitekureta koibito ya

sorewo utte demo kanaetai yume
soremo utte demo mata omoidasa setekureta

atarashi bokuno home gakokoniaru demomada omoidasu
imasara kaere naiyo ano basho wa
donna suteki na omoide mo
kokoro nishimatteokubekinanosa

ima demo omoidasu yo soredeiinda
shinpai naiyo mada utae ruyo

itsuka kaeru yo bokudakeno home
nakanaka ne duke zu
onaji yume kurikaeshi mite ru boku
ano goro jibun wo ukeire tekureta basho subete sorega saisho
harau daishou no daishou ni kakawa razu

aijou nihamotto binkan deitaina
itai yatte omowa setakunaikara
ritaiya nantesasetakunaikara
souyatte mitsu keta iki teku jutsu
henken nimamireta joushiki kuzure
tsukitsuke ba koware souna hodo moro kute
demo nazeka egao ga daenakute
sonna kaze ni omoe tanokitto
hajimete de demo mijime kedo kirei de
nanimo nai sora ga kagayai te shun ite

sono shunkan fu rahamata nai te
imasara kaere naiyo ano basho wa
donna suteki na omoide mo

kokoro nishimatteokubekinanosa
ima demo omoidasu yo soredeiinda
shinpai naiyo mada utae ruyo
itsuka kaeru yo bokudakeno home
koremadewo furikaere ba
uka bu egao ya namida
konnani furue ruhodo utsushi dasu
sorega bokujishin no mirai he tsunaga ruto
shinji teiru bokudakeno home shinji teirukara
imasara kaere naiyo ano basho wa
donna suteki na omoide mo
kokoro nishimatteokubekinanosa
ima demo omoidasu yo soredeiinda
shinpai naiyo mada utae ruyo
itsuka kaeru yo bokudakeno home

masara kaere naiyo ano basho wa
donna suteki na omoide mo
kokoro nishimatteokubekinanosa
ima demo omoidasu yo soredei
shinpai naiyo mada utae ruyo
itsuka kaeru yo bokudakeno home

Bring someone who really can take photo when you are on a vacation!!!!!!!

Yeah~~~this post is dedicated to my dearest roommate, Li Yan. Although i'd been complaining about your photography skill the whole journey. I'm still not over it yet!!! Whenever i look at the pictures, my hands will start feeling itchy and i'll feel like exercising my fist on your little head or maybe struck my fingers out and press it on your neck. Yeah~~~Did you get it? I want to strangle you~~~~~!!!!!!

There are so many pictures you've taken yet i donno which one to keep because you see, NONE IS PERFECT!!!!! Grrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~~~~

This is what i've taken......

And this is what you've taken~~~!!!!!! Grrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~~

Even after shooting for the fifth times, STILL!!!! You've gave me this.


And you still dare to said, "Not my skill not good!!!! The castle senget oni!!!!"

The castle is leaning o~~~~??? What lar you!!!! I really feel like throwing you into the river in front!!!

Anyway, i beg you lar, Li Yan....Seriously, you better go and join the photography club before you want to follow me to another trip. I wont want you to take another lousy photo which is either out of shape, twisted, or blur!!!!! Take 6 times!!!! Still blur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What's more? Next time ar~~~(hope there wont be any next time)......dont tiba-tiba come out of nowhere and spoiled my pic!!!!

Like this!!!!

Like this!!!!

and like this!!!!!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Hehe 1

Huhu~~~like i said, i'm not spending my time sitting inside my room watching the clock ticking by every minutes and seconds.

These two days, i've been travelling around the places of interest in Perak state. Here's the first destination. And guess where is it???

Ok lah.....some hint below....

Bad apple

There's one thing i notice here in Kampar. There is no fresh fruits on sale. I donno why. Maybe because the local is not that keen to buy fruits but more on salty foods.....guess that's why there's not even one fruits stall in new town. The only way to get fruits is to travel 2km to old town. Although there are some fruits stall in old town but that doesn't means that the fruits on sale is fresh.....

See this.....luckily i'm an expert in apple. I can tell an apple is good or bad by just looking at first sign. Anyway, just to put my skill on a small test. I purposely bought this apple with a tiny little hole on it. Just to see how far a bad apple can goes.

Here i demo to you.

A tiny little hole~~~~ Can spoil an apple this far.....

Geng bo~~~~? Now Lee...i won the me back my Rm1.2

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Is time to explore~~~

Finally, i'm done with my exam~~~ Hahahahaha~~~~Anyway, i'm just pissed off by a COPYCAT who just got nothing else better to do beside copying. Sienz diao~~~C'mon~~~find your own life and stop 'copy and paste' mine okay!!!! Sienz diao~~~

Went to old town Kampar today just for this~~~
Kam Yew Asam Laksa

My housemate said it's the most famous Laksa around here. The funny thing is i don't find it tasty at all. It tasted salty and sour~~~Seriously i've never ever tasted something like this. Salty and sour at the same times. Wuack~~~What's more? There's no egg, no tauge, just meehun,
onion, veggie and dou gan.

Anyway, this is what interesting, although the laksa tasted like shit, the whole resident of Kampar town is here.....
Hahahahaha...this town is too small lar......Anyway, i went to explore Jalan Baru...which doesn't seem baru at all....
See that Jawi writting on the sign board. Now let me teach you how to decode it.

"Jim-alif= Ja, Lam-Nun=Lan, Ba-Alif=Ba, Ra-wau=Ru"

Add together is 'Jalan Baru'. Hahahahahaha~~~

Anyway, here's the funny thing i've spotted at Jalan Baru
Ruby's Tukang Jahit you've graduated from Unimas and now you'r a tailor. Right not? Ruby?

There's a temple here, well, is not really that interesting inside.
and there's quite a lot of weird weird never hear before god and goddess

Didn't take any picture inside because my arriving is already scary enough to the local. They just wont stop staring at me. Make me so paisei, i dont even have the mood to take any photo inside.
On my way back, i saw some cows along the roadside. Guess after today they'll all become the big feast for Raya.
Huhu~~~~I gotta plan for tomolo.....Now where should i go? Hohohoho

Friday, September 18, 2009

I want to go home too!!!

Everyone seems to be going back to where they belong except for me.

I'm so gonna stuck here in West Malaysia until next month before flying back to my home sweet home. Tomolo is the last day of my exam. Will mark the first day of my holiday. Now what? Everyone is going back home and i'm still stuck here in Kampar not knowing what to do. I'm so NOT going to spent 1 weeks doing nothing here. Any advice??

Maybe i should`~~~~~
1) Visit Ipoh town and see what i can find there but the problem is, i'm not staying in Ipoh and the distances from Kampar to Ipoh is just too far(unless you got car). You cant travel back and forth in one day and i'm so not going to spent my night in a hotel. By the way, i'm planning to visit the town myself, yeah, you just read that, just me!!! I dont want anyone to follow.

2)Went to the hot spring or waterfall nearby here on bicycle. Sound nice~~~but can anyone show me the way??

3) Went to Cameron Highland and see how tea is manufactured. Hmmp~~~but dunno the factory is open to visitor or not lei~~~

4) Fly to Redang and go diving~~~ =_= at this point of time??? You must be kidding.

5) Fly to Cambodia and pay Angkor Wat a visit. Too bad my passport is not with me...sob~~~sob~~~

6)Spent the whole weeks doing gym~~~~and wait until the day schedule to go back~~~

I'll decide tomolo after test. Now!!! Chemistry!!!! Urghh!!!!!! I hate you!!! IUPAC naming!!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

House owner is going to kill me~~~

o.O he's going to kill me if he saw this.

Wakakakakakaka......i'd just plant a tree on his wall~~~. Hahahaha
Not bad right. Now who say science student dont have any art sense. Just that i think my tree looks a bit weird. Something is not so right for the tree branch, the way it grow is just so....erm...wrong. Anyway, forget about it. It's already fixed on the wall and i no longer can make any changes unless i scrapt the whole things off.

Finished my Professional Writing paper today morning. I nearly forget about the test if not because of my roommate waking me up. I'll have say "THANK YOU!!!!! MUACK~~~MUACK~~~MUACK~~~~". Now i knew the benefit of having a roomie. Hoho.

And not forgetting James Bond for sending me my exam slip~~~~LOL~~~exam slip also forget. Muahahahaha....."THANK YOU!!!!!" Phew~~~Now i know the important of having friends staying under the same roof.

You can just ask for a favour anytime you needs it. Just like this~~~

"Henry!!! Help me DABAO!!!! I wan ice kacang!!!! Fast go Fast back because i order for ICE kacang and not H2O kacang!!!!"

"Jestrine!!!!! Pinjam your rice cooker!!!!"

"Li Yan!!!!! Pinjam me your bicycle!!!"

"Rannie!!!! Pinjam me the pass year question paper!!!!"

"Bond!!!! Pinjam me 50 cent!!!! I want buy coffee!!!!"

"XXX, Wa~~~Your coffee seems very tasty hor~~~!!!"

Wa~~~Cant believe i'm such person!!!!

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