Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just like a rocket~~~~

Whenever my roomie came back from school, there always some newest bragging and complaints about anything that doesn't goes right in Uni. So today, the complaint was about the PTPTN stuffs. What different about today complaint is that there was a new add-on which was related to me.

Her:"You know what? Spiky had been calling me and is very annoying."
Me: "Oh~"
Her:"Spiky been calling me and he said there is a presentation today. He asked why you are not in Uni? R u sick?"
Me:"Presentation? What presentation?...........Oh my god~~~dont tell me is the PA presentation."
Her:"I dono but he'd been calling me and is very annoying. You figure out yourself."

Hmmp....PA presentation. How come i never receive any info regarding the presentation? Without hesitation i rushed to my hp and my god~~~11missed called and a message from Spiky asking me where am i and why i'm still not in Uni despite the presentation today.

There is a presentation!!!! And i'm still at home!!!!! WTF!!!!!

So, I called over to Spiky and blame him for not inform me earlier. Then i rushed out to borrow a bicycle from my housemate and cycled off to school as fast as possible. I guess this is the first time i cycled so fast in my life. Just when you think that your luck could not have been this bad, the storm hits me. I was forced to cycle under the storm with strong winds blowing from the opposite direction of my face and messed up my hairs. And just went you think that your luck could not have goes worst any longer, something bad hits you again.

This is what happened, i nearly got hit by a lorry. Thank to some stupid peoples who is just too ego to even move her stupid bicycle out of the way!!!!!!

So, there was like about 5-6 bicycles coming from my opposite direction on the same path as i do. They all kept to left hand side of the path while i kept to the right hand side. I was rushing that time and i can say that my bicycle was moving at a high rate of speed. Suddenlly, a girl which had been keeping to left hand side moved out and switched to the right hand side of the path. To put it simple. She is now cycling on the same path as i did but we are both moving in the opposite direction.

This girl really has something wrong with her nerves!!!! Cant she see that i'm coming from just right in front of her????

Anyway, i had no intent to break or even slow down because i think that she will move back to where she came from despite the fact that she was using the wrong path. Instead of moving back she pressed on the same path as i do.

=_=||| yep~~~this is what i gave her. I showed her this face. =_=|||

When she realized i had no intention to slow down, she finally gave way. But~~~it was too late~~~

Nah~~~she only began switching to the other path when our bicycles were about 1.0 pico meter close. What to expect?


And me flying to the road~~~~~~~(A little bit "活该" ; huo gai, the chinese says)

Anyway because i was moving at a high speed rate so after she bumped into me, i lost balance of my bicycle dreadfully. Not falling but moving in a snake-like motion on the road. Then there was this lorry coming from in front of me. I didn't realize there was a lorry coming from in front of me because i was concentrating hard on balancing my bicycle. Luckily the driver honked,


which alerted me to moved out of the way just in time to avoid being compressed like what they did to the recyclable tin cans.

I was damned angry that time and i stopped to check out the stupid girl that ran into me. I scolded "Pui!!!" when i turned my head but what i saw is........

Erm~~~something even worst then what i'd went through (It will be different story if i became the tin cans)

So, the chineses have one idioms, "三十六计,走为上计"(san shi liu ji, zou wei shang ji) which means that ones doesn't want to take any responsibility for what he/she had done and take the easy way out........RUN.....or......DISAPPEAR.....

The girl was staring at me with a stern look on her face. Not forgetting those guys and girls in front of her. So i ran~~~~koff~~~koff~~~i still have a presentation waiting for me. Check back with you later. Hoho~~~

Off i went on cycling, gathering up speed with every strength my muscle could take me. Then the weather got worst and starts raining heavily. I reached block C and parked my bicycle there. Quickly, i called Spiky and he said is almost our turn. I gotta be fast.

Fast!!! Fast!!! Fast!!!!

Presentation at Block E, i just need to get there on time for presentation but too bad my legs are turning into jelly.

Drag!!!! Drag!!!! Drag!!!!

So, i dragged my legs the whole ways from Block C to E and was just in time for the presentation.


Tat's the message i got from the look of my fellow group members. Without time to even prepare for my part, the presentation began.

We scored 42/50 for the presentation. Not bad lar~~~~

* "活该" ; huo gai means you deserve it.

~~~Will try to get the picture of the path and paste it here.


  1. u huo gai.... I am so happy to read this. I tell you what this is the consequences of not listening to your phone everytime people call you.

    Do you understand how people feel now when they try to call u but cannot reach? SERVED YOU RIGHT!!!

    by the way u made a lot of spelling mistakes.

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