Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If i fly with AirAsia, I will die!!!!

A few days ago, I went back to Johor to pay my grandma a visit. My mum was there too along with my many uncles and aunties. I'm not really that close to them so i spent most of my time hiding inside of my grandma room chit-chatting to her. The best way to avoid struck by any repeatably stupid questions which i don't really fancy to answer.

I only came out when it is time to eat. ^_^ hehe...

So, there was this deadly Typhoon Morakot which slammed Taiwan recently and caused many damages to the city.

Even hotel is collapsing.........

and because two of my cousins were studying in Taiwan so my uncles are quite concerned. Then the next few minutes, they start discussing......

Uncle A: I want to go to Taiwan maybe at the end of this year.
Me: Oh...u can fly to Taipei with AK. They offer cheap fare. If you are lucky you can get the ticket for about Rm125.
Uncle B: Cei~~~AK is cheap. If i fly with AK, i might die.
Uncle A: Yalo....AK aircraft is so small, the wind blow, the whole aircraft start goyang-goyang oledi. Fly with AK, the plane will crash.
Me: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Uncle B: Yala, AK is so cheap. Their plane so small, mana tahan?? If i fly with AK, i will die.
Uncle A: cheap...
Uncles + Aunties: Yalo~~~yalo~~~
Me: =_=||| far as i'm concerned there is no plane crash record in AK yet. Some more, it wont be possible for small aircraft to fly long haul distance in one go. AK is safe enough to fly you to Taipei.
Uncle B: Cei~~~AK cheap one lar....they cut cost in their maintenance because they dont earn enough from the cheap fare they offer. If i fly with AK, later the plane crash, i will die~~~better fly with MAS.
Me: MAS will cost you about RM1000++ to Taipei.
Uncle A: Rm1000 mar Rm1000 lar~~~i got money to fly with MAS. So, why not i fly with MAS for safety concern.
Me: Flight safety is not judges by how highly charges the ticket fare an airline offer. Peoples still die although........

I shut my mouth after that because i senses my mum kicking my leg underneath the table. Is a signal telling me to shut my mouth up before i offend them any longer. Okay, fine i'll shut up and eat my shit.

Sometimes i just dont understand why there are still peoples who just simply lack the knowledge to think logically or analyze a problem properly before jumping into conclusion.

If i fly with AK, i will die. =_=||| What kind of statement is this??? Stereotype. =_=|||

P/S~ AK= AirAsia


  1. lol, Some people are just stereotypical type. So cannot blame them.

  2. wahahaha so kua chang meh... tell me more. by the way, I am going back home on this Sat. hehe...



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