Saturday, August 1, 2009

I am GYEE!!!! Not YourMaMa!!!!!!!!!!!

Lately, an issue had been bothering me. It might not be a big issue to you but it is to me. In order to clarify thing, i really feel like tattooing my name on my forehead. It should be easier this way and save me from all the troubles of an explanation.

A few day ago, i was eating alone in the canteen and i overheard the conversation flowing around the table on my left hand side.

"Hey! Isn't that her? I heard that she is repeating because she failed." said A.
"Oh who? That girl ah. No wonder i didn't see her in class. What's her name?"said B.
"YourMaMa. I wonder why she failed. She doesn't seem like a failure."said A.
"Well, you really cant tell from her look."said B.

For god sake!!! You guys really should learn how to whisper properly and brush up your analytical skill. If i were to follow my instinct, i'll walk right up to their table and jam their head into their lunch. That's for not seeing clearly who am i and mistaken my name to YourMaMa.

Seriously, is getting more and more disturbing each time someone who happened to know me by my look but doesn't know my name, mistakenly addressed me to YourMaMa.

For example that day i went for the Chinese Orchestra Club meeting and saw this familiar face.

Me: "Oh hi, you're joining this club too?"
C:"Oh yeah. So you too?"
Me:"Yup. I'm having a break from lecture so i came here to check on them."
C:"You are having what lecture now?"
Me:"Cell Biology."
C:"Huh~~ Cell Biology? I tot you are repeating."
Me:"Repeating? No way~~I'm not repeating. I'LL NEVER REPEAT!!! (a little bit like yelling already)"
Me:"Oh sorry, i'm a bit loud. I guess you must have mistaken me for someone else."
C:"......oh yeah yeah....i think i must have mistaken you for Gyee."
Me:"Huh? But i believe the one standing in front of you now is also named Gyee."
C:"Huh? You are Gyee?"
Me:"Yeah i am Gyee. Guess that person have the same name as i did."
C:"But she said you are YourMaMa"

What? I'm what? Something wrong with my ears is it?

You should have seen the expression on my face that time. If that wasn't annoying enough i guess what happened after that is really telling me that i should get my forehead tatoo asap.

"You are YourMaMa right?"asked the lecturer.
"Well, guess what? I dont even know my own name now" i answered. The lecturer looked puzzled.
"So, YourMaMa i heard that you are repeating. What subjects are you repeating now?"asked the lecturer.
"For your information sir, i had just passed with CPGA 3.67."i fired back.
"Oh, so you are not repeating?"asked the annoying lecturer again.

Fu3k you better dont let me know who you are or else you'll be death.

There'd been so many test and assignment lately that i dont have time to play "Identity" game with ya. I know you properly be reading this. Just want to say. Know your mark and dont cross the line, lady~~~and just be yourself.


  1. Hey what happened? ppl go spread rumours that you are repeating? Why u guys repeating can spread till so many ppl know punya? Here repeat very common nia boh but mostly ppl repeat to repair their marks.

    Chinese seldom repeats cos they failed la... Mostly repeat cos they wanna repair their marks.

    Oh yeah lo.. ur uni got orchestra hoh.. so good le.. faster go join learn liao teach me wahahaha.. blog about it la. i wanna see la...

  2. who is this YourMama. Haih, how can people misten someone de...

  3. The point is i'm not even repeating. You know what, i think is Face-Problem. Whomever this YourMaMa is...i think she just dont have the guts to admit that she failed and is repeating now.

    So she addressed herself as someone else, using someone else name which happen to be MY NAME. And now everyone is mistaking me as HER, even the lecturer. =_=||| that's what getting on my nerves now.

    I don't care whoever those peoples think i am but i do mind when lecturer tot that i'm her. Is not just one lecturer, so far there's another one mistaking me as her. Just what the heck is wrong here?

    I guess the only logical answers to this case is either that girl is a clone of my appearance or the rest are blind. Argghhh....

  4. but this is impossible la.. how can this happen? if someone ask me about my name and I lied to it. but once you saw what i written for my name in the name list you would automatically know that I am lying already ah.. n some more don't you guys have a name list.

    I think this whole thing is ridiculous.



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