Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good news and Bad news~~~~

Professional Writing test on this Saturday, Cell Biology Test on Monday, 2 more assignments to rush for, 2 more reports, 2 lab test, then to final.

Wosh~~~look at that.....

Anyway, bad news here. I just screwed up my Chemistry test. Muahahahaha......Is too easy~~~Way too easy~~~~but i screwed up anyway because i did not expect it to be that easy.

Okay, now the good news. I guess UTAR will be close down for 1 weeks since there is one confirmed H1N1 case detected here. i can delay all my works.....muahahahaha

H1N1 is not that scary to me as compare to some other diseases, so i don't think there is a need to start hitting on the panic button yet. Just watch your own hygiene and stay out of crowd. Should be okay.

Recently, i'm feeling flabby from head to toes. Yeah, is a sign that i MUST cut down on some high carbo, high calories, high sugar foods which i had been happily consuming.

Bye bye Keropok ~~>.<~~

Bye bye French Fries ~~>.<~~


  1. Hey u are getting fat. stop eating junk. i didn't even eat keropok here. i tot u just have a mid term in ur cell biology?

    why utar so many exam one? here the most is 2 mid term then one final exam.

  2. hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    c i had alreay told u dont eat "rubbish".
    fat + shui zhong = fei po...haha



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