Monday, August 31, 2009


Bet Chemistry is the subject i hate the most now!!! Although i've been reading Chemistry for this past few week, yet i still mess up the formula and rumble up my ionic compound with coordination compound. Duh!!! Guess i'm just not the chemistry type person.

A not so concentrate student in lab.

Lecturer: "What 'RUP' Doing?"
Student:"Look!! Is a glucose molecule!!"
Lecturer:"Where's the chloromethane model? The dichloromethane, the possible isomers of these molecule?"
Student:"Ah....i'm afraid there's no more Carbon left sir"
Lecturer:"GET OUT OF THE LAB!!!"

Guess that's why i suck in Chemistry!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Puppy = =

Life getting tedious recently and there is no enjoyment. Been trying to finish my assignment today but failed. Anyway, final coming up. Arghh.....

So, my sister been nudging me in MSN. As usual, she got nothing else better to do.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Here's how you answer during computer test...

Q1: What is Bluetooth?
A: A tooth coloured blue.

Q2: What is Token ring?
A: A coin like material shaped in ring structure used for exchanging goods or services.

Q3: What is Bus?
A: A public transport used to shift peoples from one location to another location.

Q4: What is Star?
A: Meteoroid stone floating in the solar system.

Q5: What is ring?
A: A kind of accessories.

Q6: What is LAN, MAN and WAN?
A: MAN "WAN" LAN. (>.<)

Q7: What is P2P?

Q8: What is firewall?
A: A wall on fire~~~

Q9: What is a hit?
A: To touch something with sudden force.

I'm just too wuliao~~~

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just like a rocket~~~~

Whenever my roomie came back from school, there always some newest bragging and complaints about anything that doesn't goes right in Uni. So today, the complaint was about the PTPTN stuffs. What different about today complaint is that there was a new add-on which was related to me.

Her:"You know what? Spiky had been calling me and is very annoying."
Me: "Oh~"
Her:"Spiky been calling me and he said there is a presentation today. He asked why you are not in Uni? R u sick?"
Me:"Presentation? What presentation?...........Oh my god~~~dont tell me is the PA presentation."
Her:"I dono but he'd been calling me and is very annoying. You figure out yourself."

Hmmp....PA presentation. How come i never receive any info regarding the presentation? Without hesitation i rushed to my hp and my god~~~11missed called and a message from Spiky asking me where am i and why i'm still not in Uni despite the presentation today.

There is a presentation!!!! And i'm still at home!!!!! WTF!!!!!

So, I called over to Spiky and blame him for not inform me earlier. Then i rushed out to borrow a bicycle from my housemate and cycled off to school as fast as possible. I guess this is the first time i cycled so fast in my life. Just when you think that your luck could not have been this bad, the storm hits me. I was forced to cycle under the storm with strong winds blowing from the opposite direction of my face and messed up my hairs. And just went you think that your luck could not have goes worst any longer, something bad hits you again.

This is what happened, i nearly got hit by a lorry. Thank to some stupid peoples who is just too ego to even move her stupid bicycle out of the way!!!!!!

So, there was like about 5-6 bicycles coming from my opposite direction on the same path as i do. They all kept to left hand side of the path while i kept to the right hand side. I was rushing that time and i can say that my bicycle was moving at a high rate of speed. Suddenlly, a girl which had been keeping to left hand side moved out and switched to the right hand side of the path. To put it simple. She is now cycling on the same path as i did but we are both moving in the opposite direction.

This girl really has something wrong with her nerves!!!! Cant she see that i'm coming from just right in front of her????

Anyway, i had no intent to break or even slow down because i think that she will move back to where she came from despite the fact that she was using the wrong path. Instead of moving back she pressed on the same path as i do.

=_=||| yep~~~this is what i gave her. I showed her this face. =_=|||

When she realized i had no intention to slow down, she finally gave way. But~~~it was too late~~~

Nah~~~she only began switching to the other path when our bicycles were about 1.0 pico meter close. What to expect?


And me flying to the road~~~~~~~(A little bit "活该" ; huo gai, the chinese says)

Anyway because i was moving at a high speed rate so after she bumped into me, i lost balance of my bicycle dreadfully. Not falling but moving in a snake-like motion on the road. Then there was this lorry coming from in front of me. I didn't realize there was a lorry coming from in front of me because i was concentrating hard on balancing my bicycle. Luckily the driver honked,


which alerted me to moved out of the way just in time to avoid being compressed like what they did to the recyclable tin cans.

I was damned angry that time and i stopped to check out the stupid girl that ran into me. I scolded "Pui!!!" when i turned my head but what i saw is........

Erm~~~something even worst then what i'd went through (It will be different story if i became the tin cans)

So, the chineses have one idioms, "三十六计,走为上计"(san shi liu ji, zou wei shang ji) which means that ones doesn't want to take any responsibility for what he/she had done and take the easy way out........RUN.....or......DISAPPEAR.....

The girl was staring at me with a stern look on her face. Not forgetting those guys and girls in front of her. So i ran~~~~koff~~~koff~~~i still have a presentation waiting for me. Check back with you later. Hoho~~~

Off i went on cycling, gathering up speed with every strength my muscle could take me. Then the weather got worst and starts raining heavily. I reached block C and parked my bicycle there. Quickly, i called Spiky and he said is almost our turn. I gotta be fast.

Fast!!! Fast!!! Fast!!!!

Presentation at Block E, i just need to get there on time for presentation but too bad my legs are turning into jelly.

Drag!!!! Drag!!!! Drag!!!!

So, i dragged my legs the whole ways from Block C to E and was just in time for the presentation.


Tat's the message i got from the look of my fellow group members. Without time to even prepare for my part, the presentation began.

We scored 42/50 for the presentation. Not bad lar~~~~

* "活该" ; huo gai means you deserve it.

~~~Will try to get the picture of the path and paste it here.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Life is seriously bored to the limit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 test down, 1 assignment down, 2 more test to go and 1 more assignment before switching to the "rest" mode. Seem like there's only a few more miles left and yeah~~~this is exactly the time to reward myself. After so much works done, at least i deserve a candy right???

Well~~well~~~let see what i should reward myself for....(Havent reach the goal but am is already planning for my reward)

Hmmp~~~~let see....
Maybe some facial treatment will do......^_^

Oledi went for it =_=V yeah~~~


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If i fly with AirAsia, I will die!!!!

A few days ago, I went back to Johor to pay my grandma a visit. My mum was there too along with my many uncles and aunties. I'm not really that close to them so i spent most of my time hiding inside of my grandma room chit-chatting to her. The best way to avoid struck by any repeatably stupid questions which i don't really fancy to answer.

I only came out when it is time to eat. ^_^ hehe...

So, there was this deadly Typhoon Morakot which slammed Taiwan recently and caused many damages to the city.

Even hotel is collapsing.........

and because two of my cousins were studying in Taiwan so my uncles are quite concerned. Then the next few minutes, they start discussing......

Uncle A: I want to go to Taiwan maybe at the end of this year.
Me: Oh...u can fly to Taipei with AK. They offer cheap fare. If you are lucky you can get the ticket for about Rm125.
Uncle B: Cei~~~AK is cheap. If i fly with AK, i might die.
Uncle A: Yalo....AK aircraft is so small, the wind blow, the whole aircraft start goyang-goyang oledi. Fly with AK, the plane will crash.
Me: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Uncle B: Yala, AK is so cheap. Their plane so small, mana tahan?? If i fly with AK, i will die.
Uncle A: cheap...
Uncles + Aunties: Yalo~~~yalo~~~
Me: =_=||| far as i'm concerned there is no plane crash record in AK yet. Some more, it wont be possible for small aircraft to fly long haul distance in one go. AK is safe enough to fly you to Taipei.
Uncle B: Cei~~~AK cheap one lar....they cut cost in their maintenance because they dont earn enough from the cheap fare they offer. If i fly with AK, later the plane crash, i will die~~~better fly with MAS.
Me: MAS will cost you about RM1000++ to Taipei.
Uncle A: Rm1000 mar Rm1000 lar~~~i got money to fly with MAS. So, why not i fly with MAS for safety concern.
Me: Flight safety is not judges by how highly charges the ticket fare an airline offer. Peoples still die although........

I shut my mouth after that because i senses my mum kicking my leg underneath the table. Is a signal telling me to shut my mouth up before i offend them any longer. Okay, fine i'll shut up and eat my shit.

Sometimes i just dont understand why there are still peoples who just simply lack the knowledge to think logically or analyze a problem properly before jumping into conclusion.

If i fly with AK, i will die. =_=||| What kind of statement is this??? Stereotype. =_=|||

P/S~ AK= AirAsia

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good news and Bad news~~~~

Professional Writing test on this Saturday, Cell Biology Test on Monday, 2 more assignments to rush for, 2 more reports, 2 lab test, then to final.

Wosh~~~look at that.....

Anyway, bad news here. I just screwed up my Chemistry test. Muahahahaha......Is too easy~~~Way too easy~~~~but i screwed up anyway because i did not expect it to be that easy.

Okay, now the good news. I guess UTAR will be close down for 1 weeks since there is one confirmed H1N1 case detected here. i can delay all my works.....muahahahaha

H1N1 is not that scary to me as compare to some other diseases, so i don't think there is a need to start hitting on the panic button yet. Just watch your own hygiene and stay out of crowd. Should be okay.

Recently, i'm feeling flabby from head to toes. Yeah, is a sign that i MUST cut down on some high carbo, high calories, high sugar foods which i had been happily consuming.

Bye bye Keropok ~~>.<~~

Bye bye French Fries ~~>.<~~

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I am GYEE!!!! Not YourMaMa!!!!!!!!!!!

Lately, an issue had been bothering me. It might not be a big issue to you but it is to me. In order to clarify thing, i really feel like tattooing my name on my forehead. It should be easier this way and save me from all the troubles of an explanation.

A few day ago, i was eating alone in the canteen and i overheard the conversation flowing around the table on my left hand side.

"Hey! Isn't that her? I heard that she is repeating because she failed." said A.
"Oh who? That girl ah. No wonder i didn't see her in class. What's her name?"said B.
"YourMaMa. I wonder why she failed. She doesn't seem like a failure."said A.
"Well, you really cant tell from her look."said B.

For god sake!!! You guys really should learn how to whisper properly and brush up your analytical skill. If i were to follow my instinct, i'll walk right up to their table and jam their head into their lunch. That's for not seeing clearly who am i and mistaken my name to YourMaMa.

Seriously, is getting more and more disturbing each time someone who happened to know me by my look but doesn't know my name, mistakenly addressed me to YourMaMa.

For example that day i went for the Chinese Orchestra Club meeting and saw this familiar face.

Me: "Oh hi, you're joining this club too?"
C:"Oh yeah. So you too?"
Me:"Yup. I'm having a break from lecture so i came here to check on them."
C:"You are having what lecture now?"
Me:"Cell Biology."
C:"Huh~~ Cell Biology? I tot you are repeating."
Me:"Repeating? No way~~I'm not repeating. I'LL NEVER REPEAT!!! (a little bit like yelling already)"
Me:"Oh sorry, i'm a bit loud. I guess you must have mistaken me for someone else."
C:"......oh yeah yeah....i think i must have mistaken you for Gyee."
Me:"Huh? But i believe the one standing in front of you now is also named Gyee."
C:"Huh? You are Gyee?"
Me:"Yeah i am Gyee. Guess that person have the same name as i did."
C:"But she said you are YourMaMa"

What? I'm what? Something wrong with my ears is it?

You should have seen the expression on my face that time. If that wasn't annoying enough i guess what happened after that is really telling me that i should get my forehead tatoo asap.

"You are YourMaMa right?"asked the lecturer.
"Well, guess what? I dont even know my own name now" i answered. The lecturer looked puzzled.
"So, YourMaMa i heard that you are repeating. What subjects are you repeating now?"asked the lecturer.
"For your information sir, i had just passed with CPGA 3.67."i fired back.
"Oh, so you are not repeating?"asked the annoying lecturer again.

Fu3k you better dont let me know who you are or else you'll be death.

There'd been so many test and assignment lately that i dont have time to play "Identity" game with ya. I know you properly be reading this. Just want to say. Know your mark and dont cross the line, lady~~~and just be yourself.

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