Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Writing report is the most hateful moment in my university life. One report is enough to kill about half the amount of your brain cells. I'm working on one now and i truly haf no idea where am i suppose to begin with.

Oh well, just to share the news. There gonna be a solar eclipse passing through the mainland of Asia tomolo but i dont think we are able to see it here in Kampar. Just goggle "solar eclipse 2009" and you'll get tons of news about the happening.

Recently, i'm being bother by some small issues with someone which really pissed me off. Seriously, i understand that different peoples came with different style and different preferences. So, when you find yourself dealing with this kind of peoples all you gotta do is to learn how to cope with them. It is always easy to say but hard to do especially when the person you are dealing with is way too different from you.

Tolerance is not easy when you have to dealt with some WEIRD habit that they practiced every day in their daily life, not to mentioned some unexpected circumstances that i had experienced with them. Note the word weird i used here. Is not something that is easy to tolerate with and that's the things getting on my nerves now. What i did now is just pretending like i'm okay with it but what i really wish to do now is to screamed "I'm NOT OKAY with it!!!" right on their faces.

By the way, here's something i noticed with majority of the students in UTAR, Kampar campus.


Especially the girls. Why ah? Cheating in test is something they seem to be doing for every test they went through. Somemore, the way they cheat is so obvious, for example, one of the girl just placed the note on her lap and all she did is "COPY". Wow, is like the person sitting next to her is somehow invisible or what.

Some, whom simply ignored your existence all the while would all of a sudden seem to be interested in you and sit right next to you during exam. Not forgetting the silly smile on theirs faces that seem to be carrying some masked messages. Of course, this peoples would eventually disappeared right after the exam.

Wu~~~ =_= i really don understand why they have the guts to ignore the fact that they are having an exam tomolo but they just don't have the guts to fail. Why ah?

I got something to say to them.

If next time you guys wanna start this "Practicing session" of yours, make sure you do it nice and clean. And save that silly smile of yours~~

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