Saturday, July 25, 2009

Out of fuel, so aircraft lands on beach

Just read a news that make me laugh like hell. Here~~~read this.

Saturday July 25, 2009

MIRI: Two flying enthusiasts landed their small two-seater private plane on the beach near here after the aircraft ran out of fuel during a sightseeing flight over the city. (From Bintulu izzit?)

It is understood the two men, who declined to be identified, quickly took off after refuelling their plane with help from their friends whom they called on their mobile phones. (Wa...i dint even know we can refuel an aircraft this way.)

Their aircraft was not damaged during the incident which happened around noon yesterday.

The pilot managed to land his plane safely along the shoreline when he discovered that he had run out of fuel. (Good job~~but next time made sure you have your tank filled before you took off)

Because of the light weight of the plane, the pilot managed to fly off with ease after refuelling.

Miri police and reporters were initially told that a plane had crashed. (Hahahahaha)

However they later found out what had actually happened.


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