Saturday, July 11, 2009

Neglected Boeing 747 Restaurant

I always wonder what happened to an aircraft after its retirement. Well, look like i found the answer for this boeing.

This is the Boeing 747-121 converted into a restoran in Mokpo City, South Korea. It looked very dirty and rusty now but i believe it must had once looked glory and glam back in its old days.

The Boeing has a long and interesting history before its was reassembled to Korea. Roll over your cursor here to find out more.

I wonder why they cut off one of its wing. >.< Its oledi looked so pity.

The interior looked something like this. More photo here.(Copyrighted so i cannot paste it here >.<)

Sadly, it had been closed down for a long time and is no longer in service. I wonder whether in the future will it be reopened again since this was the second or third(not sure) Boeing 747 ever made in history.

More story about the Boeing at here.

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  1. I read that it was the second 747 ever built. And the 1st to fly commercially.



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