Monday, July 13, 2009

My way of memorizing the 20 amino acids

First thing first, you'll need to divide all 20 names into different range. Range 1, 2 and 3. Now, think of it this way. Range 1 = Highest ranking, Range 2= Average ranking and Range 3= Lowest ranking.

Now, just like an orgarnization. There's only a fews ppls topping the highest range and a lot of ppls will falls to the lowest range. That's what life is anyway.

So, let's link this ranking to the 3 types of amino acids. Polar, Polar charges and NonPolar.

Polar charges will be the highest rank. Why? Because they haf the power to charges and make changes.

Polar will be the average rank and NonPolar will be the lowest range. Just as what i had said just now. Those that fall under range 1 always got a few amount only. So, in this case there are only 2.

2 boss. Now who they are?

ASAP= as soon as possible. I wan this things done asap!!!! So who it is???

Aspartic acid!!!!! Very corrosive!!!

Next, this D ranking boss Asp is helped by his assistance. Who?

The E ranking assistance called Glutamic acid who always "glued" to his boss.

Next, the acid company boss haf a competitor from the basic company.

The basic company was run by histidine. Yeah!!! HisTHINKdine. Histidine is helped by 2 assistance. Name lysine and arginine. LY-ARG.....similar to like argument because they keep argue.

Next is the polar range 2 amino acid. We got 4 of them. Serine, threonine, asparagine and glutamine.

Serine= Selina
Threonine= Theory
Glutamine= Glue

Then we haf the lowest range which is the most ______(Fill in the blank your self)

11 of them

FAIL MVP GLWY (Yes, the fail MVP player GLWY...muahahahaha)

each letter represents one of them

F= Phenylalanine
A= Adenine
I= isoluecine
L= Luecine

M= Methionine
V= valine
P= Proline

G= glycine
C= cysteine
W= trytophan
Y= Tyrosine

and that is.

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