Saturday, July 18, 2009


Not so fast thou.....There's still an assignment due on next Wednesday, another bloody test on Monday and a superb idiotic report to hand in by Friday.

The lab test is quite fun actually. Cant believe that i really am using this word "fun" to describe it.

Got up at 7.30am today to revise my study and went to the university by 8.30am. As usual, canteen is my first destination. NEVER GO FOR A TEST WITH EMPTY STOMACH!!! I saw Kalai and we did some spelling test together. Yeah, i suck in spelling. The only reason i cant seem to score a 10 out of 10 mark is mainly because of my poor spelling. I just cant find any reason to explain why my brain always failed to register the letter "O" for "Chloroplast"(I'll spell it Chlroplast) and instead of the letter "M" i'll replace a "T" at the end of the word "Cytoplasm" and eventually it'll become "Cytoplast". Sometimes, i'll do even more stupid mistake like spelling "Nucleus" to "Nuclear". Nuclear....=_= haha....guess if can, the lecturer marking my paper that time would definitely want to kill me with a nuclear bomb.

In biology, they always made such a big fuss about the spelling. I always knew that spelling is important but Arghh....just dunno why i'm still repeating the same mistake again and again. Take today for example, i'd spelled "Spyrogyra" instead of "Spirogyra" and it cost me 2 marks for making that silly mistake. T_T Is not my false actually, i was trying to focus the image of the given specimen but because the image was quite blur so i adjusted the fine focus knob. Is not wrong to do so right? Then suddenly the lecturer shouted, "Miss Jong, you are not supposed to adjust anything!!! I only ask you to focus!!"

Hey, hey can you tell me how am i suppose to identify the specimen given if i'm not even allowed to adjust the fine focus knob? Anyway, i just said "I'm sorry sir, is my mistake." After i'd said that, i forgot how to spell "Spirogyra". Screwed it!!

The lecturer himself was late today, so we started the test in a rush. After getting our paper we are asked to go into the room assigned accordingly to the number given. My number was 85 so i was assigned to Room 2 where we were asked to answer structure questions and fill in the blank questions. After we are done, we'll need to move on to Room 1 where we are tested on our laboratory skills. Each and everyone of us will have our own station based on our number. This is when i was scolded again.

Lecturer:"Miss Jong!!! Why are you still standing? Dont tell me you cannot find your seat!!! What number are you?"
Me:"29, sir."
Lecturer:"Why did you came in to this room if you are number 29?"
Me:"No, i mean i was number 29 for this room."

Heh heh...and this time it was really not my fault. The total number of peoples are supposed to be 29 but instead of setting up 29 station, they only set up 28 station. That's the reason why i cant find my station. I was left out. AGAIN!!!!(This is the second time the lecturer forgot to count me in). So, in the end i was the only one who had to carry out the test alone in another lab.

The test was easy if you'd been paying attention in class. I failed to identify some of the equipments given to me. Not really cant identify the equipment just that i cant seem to recall the name. What's the other name for a centrifugate tube ah?? Forgot. Shit!!! And what's that name for that long mechanical stick that seem to be use for measuring uptake of water? Don't know the name too. Fine then, i'll named it Pipette man. Wakakaka!!! Brilliant~~~brilliant~~

After the test, i joined them for lunch and walked back home. Yeah! WALK!!! Thank to Spiky who wouldn't wan to sacrifice his bicycle to me.

Everyone seem so relax after the test....

Someone reading the lab manual and a few girls getting ready to go in the lab. What with the long hairs??

Everyone moving except me (still wan to take photo)

White coat maniacSSS!!!

Anyway, good luck everyone....

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