Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Lost Symbol.....

4 Test coming up....2 presentation and 2 more assignment, then move on to the final exam, semester break at the end of September. Booked my flight, flying back to hometown in October. Gotta work part time and start earning some pocket money. No luck, guess i'll only receive my PTPTN loan by the 3rd sem.

Phew~~~i needs a break. Currently, i'm still feeeling so demotivated. Feeling so flabby from head to toes. Report done. I'm signing off for TVB drama. Wat's the heck?
Oh~~~the title of this post...."The Lost Symbol" is actually the latest novel (fifth) of Dan Brown. Yeah~~~Dan Brown, currently i'm still reading "Deception Point".....another novel by him too.

On bookshelf by September. Preorder is now available at Border book shop.

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