Sunday, July 12, 2009

Life sized Gundam RX-78 statue in Odaiba, Tokyo

Been keeping myself busy recently until i dont haf much time to blog. Well since is Saturday, i guess is okay to relax for a while.

Nothing much to talk about. This pass few weeks is just normal and i can only describe my life with these 2 words Boring and dull. I'll be having my first lab test and cell biology test on next Wednesday and Saturday. Guess it's enough to keep my oil burning through this weekend. Haiz....

Here something i found interesting.....

A lot of things have been happening around the world in July. One of the biggest events should be the launching of a life sized Gundam RX-78 statue in Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan. Never in time that i would had expected a Gundam as big as this to be built by human being. Needless to say, it sound so ridiculous and more a like a mission impossible when my frenz first told me about the project.

And now it was there in the middle of Shiokaze-Park, Odaiba. What can i say? The Japanese have once again proven me wrong. Mission impossible can be possible if you really put in your effort to find a way to accomplish it. From what i'd learnt from the web the Gundam actually finished a month earlier than the schedule timeline. Two thumbs up to the Japanese.

This is still an incomplete photo of the Gundam statue. Roll your cursor here for more photo of the launching ceremony.

The Gundam was built in celebration of the 30th adniversary of Gundam's anime series. I guess the latest Gundam series should be the Gundam 00, i'm not quite sure about that since i'm still stuck in Gundam Seed Destiny. Haha.

Well, back to the story. This Gundam was built by "Green Tokyo Gundam Project" as a project to raise money for a greener Tokyo and preparation for the 2016 olympic. It will still be there until the end of August. So, pay the Gundam a visit if you happen to be in Japan now. How i wish that Doremon exist in this world and i'll be able to travel to Japan now.

Anyway, the good news is that the near 60-foot Gundam statue is set to make a few trips to various locations around the globe. Just watch out for new update at the official web I wonder Malaysia will on the list or not. Probably no.

I found some videos higlighting the progress of building up the Gundam. Do check it out. The gundam statue actually moved a little.

And also the opening ceremony

This is way too cool.....

Height 18m, Weight 25t.

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  1. damn..i really missed this one..couldn't get there on time..huhu..



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