Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm so drained out..........

Take yourself back to the prehistory times and imagine you are sunbathing outside your cave when suddenlly a great big scary animal appears out of the blue. Immediately your stress response is activated and your body is flooded with adrenaline. First thing first you need to make a very quick decision about what you intend to do and then you need physical strength to enable you to act.

It is either "fight" or "flight" because these are only two options available in such threatening situation. Once you have done either of these things and are(hopefully) out of danger, you will need to rest. Now that the immediate treat is over your body will bring in negative symptoms like pain and fatigue to give you an indication of how much time you need to rest and what repair work needs to be done.

Even though the injury and the drain on resources happened during the animal attack, your body didn't want to bring it to your attention at that point of time because it could have distracted you from saving yourself. Once you relax, a whole batch of negative issues can suddenly surface and not surprisingly, this reaction can make you less likely to relax in the future.

The longer you keep a stress going, the more you will fear stopping.

All i wan to do now is just lying on my bed and think about nothing.


  1. wa seh... got shodoku some more oh...

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