Sunday, July 19, 2009

He fried with Rice Cooker....

We are forbid to cook in this house because the house owner was so afraid that we might burn the whole house down. So, we don't own a gas stove neither is the electric one. How we cook then? By using rice cooker....hoho

Rice cooker is not just for cooking rice. I only realize this after i saw one of my house mate frying sausage with it.

Is kinda weird and personally i think it is not a very good idea.
Sometimes they even cook instant noodle with rice cooker and my friend, Jestrine even told me that she can fry an egg with it. Yeah, i really wish i can witness your skill with my own eyes. How you did that? When are you going to show me?? I really wanna know. O.O curious~~~curious~~~



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