Friday, July 24, 2009

Got my ID~~~

Finally received my student ID. Happy~~~happy~~~^_^v

First thing first.....LIBRARY!!!!

Oh.....just in case you dono. I'm currently on diet so "No MAMAK", "No Yamcha", "No belanja-belanja thingy stuff". I'm on DIET!!!!

=_= this post is really "つまらない!” (tsumaranai = boring)

Anyway, this song called "Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~" by Ayumi Hamasaki is really nice. Is the latest song by Ayumi....(so fast jump to another topic). Here's a 1mins more short cover of the song. DL it at mediafire if you wan to get the whole song.

Oh, her latest album cover looks something like this.

Still look as gorgeous as before....i wonder what her anti-aging secret is??? Photoshop? Maybe....

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