Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Been rushing in and out of my house this morning just to observe the longest ever eclipse in the 21st century. I though the eclipse can be observe by 7.30am so i dragged myself out of bed by 7am in the morning and rushed to Spiky's house but turn out this fellow is still~~~~"Not ready"

Me:"Hey, Spiky. I'm outside your house edi."
Spiky: "Har? I just woke up."
Me:"What lar you? Go get ready asap!"

Anyway according to Spiky's friend, the eclipse will only reach the mainland of Asia around 8.30am so we ended up at a nearby mamak for our breakfast. We later learnt from "The Sun" newspaper that the exact timeline is around 8.23am to 9.48am and only 17.8% of the sun will be obscured by the moon. >.< Too bad~~~

The morning sun today.

After reading the news, i notice that something is not right, the 2 words "naked eyes" printed in the content of the article somehow is ringing a bell in my head. Is telling me that something need to be done but what it is?

Spiky:"Eh, what d tools are we going to use for observing?"

Oh no!!!! The tool!!!! Yeah~~`the tool!!! I got no tool at all!!! How can i forget that???

Me:"Heh heh heh, tools ah(totally forgot)..Naked eyes!!!"
Spiky:"Is not good you know."
Me:"Is impossible. You got any idea what we can use?"
Spiky:"I read from the web, we can use a pinbox."
Me:"Pinbox? What's that? Any other options?"
Spiky:"I dunno"
Me:" we gonna observe then?"
Spiky:"U got sunglasses?"
Me:"Nope, it was broken into half after i accidentally kissed it with my butt." Spiky:"I can't see with naked eyes. Now i'm seeing 4 suns." (After he stared at the morning sun)
Me:"Of cuz, how can you observe like that. You got anything translucent? Latern paper maybe."
Spiky:"No o~~You got the negative of photo film?"
Me:"No. We'll get back to our house first and see is there anything we can work on."
Spiky:"Stay in contact with sms."

As soon as i reached home, i tried my best to experiment on anythings that seem ideally suited for observing the eclipse. First, i tried with pink plastic bag but failed. Hmmp...maybe pink is too dark. So, i tried with yellow plastic bag. Erm....can see the light but i cannot tell the shape. Hmmp.....maybe i shouldn't use a plastic bag in the first place after all.

Having figured out that, i quickly rushed back to my room upstairs and went back outside. This time armed with........

Mahjong paper~~~(Dont laugh...i'll wrap you all up with mahjong paper later.)

And failed(for sure) for the 3rd times. Looking at the time, it read 9.15am. Immediately, i rushed back again and got down with a piece of paper covered behind the transparent book cover yet i still failed to see the eclipse.

So, i raised my white flag and decided maybe i can observe the eclipse again the next time by year 2010. Anyhow, there's still another way to see the eclipse with my own eyes. ONLINE LIVE SHOW.....wakakaka~~~~


while the page is still loading, Spiky's message came in claiming that he had successfully observed the eclipse by making a pinbox. I got curious and immediately rushed off to his house. I have no idea what a pinbox look like. And when i reached Spiky house....= =||| What i see is a Tesco's tissue box whereby one of the smaller area is cut out and glued with aluminium foil.

Me:"What is that?"
Spiky:"The pinbox"
Me:"So this is the pinbox this stuff work?"(Does this stuff really work?)
Spiky:"Come. Let me show you."

"You observe this way", said Spiky.

Me:"Har? Like that? Why are you facing your back to the sun?"
Spiky:"Haiya. Just do as i did."

So i followed what he did

and this is what i'd observed.

Me:"This? The small dot?"
Spiky:"Yeah. That is."
Me:"Can you make the hole larger? Why is it so small?"
Spiky:"Nope. Cant do it. You'll decrease the accuracy."
Me:"But the dot is too small. Is hard to tell."
Spiky:"Is all we got."
Me:"Can we make it longer? You still haf box?"
Spiky:"Yes, but is the new tissues box."
Me:"Forget about it. We'll do a comparison."

After few seconds, this is what i'd observed....

And then it became like this....

And this....

Can you see the different? Well, i'd seen the different.

Let me show you....
Ta da~~~~

After a few minutes....I didn't twist the photo. The winds blew it that way.

Anyway, a close up look of Spiky's Tesco pinbox.

Just poke a tiny hole in the middle.....


  1. Lol. Your friend is so creative man!!! I would never ever think of tissue box.

  2. Haha, the real thing should look something like this.

  3. such a goog try! Bt seems no difference anymore...Fortunately i was not dian wit ur 2geter if not, nothing i can get frm econ tutorial...such a waste to my "oppportunity cost"..haha

  4. Yeah is certainly a good try, the next time we'll make a longer and more close up to standard "pinhole" box. Of course with better preparation for the event.

    What's your "opportunity cost"? I cant get your point. Is it joining in the fun 2gether with us or missing your economics tutorial class? ^^?

  5. opportunity cost --go 4 tutorial



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