Monday, July 20, 2009

Computer test today~~

Wahahaha....i think i screwed it totally. Hahahahaha~~~~but is still okay since there are quite a number of peoples who are just the same as i was. I didn't study much for this test because i thought it will be easy but turn out it is not as wat i'd expected. Muahahahaha.......i personally think that the lecturer did this on purpose since majority of us are either sleeping or doing other stuffs during his lectures so he revenge on us by setting up tough questions.

Actually the question is not tough, it's only tough because i didn't study. Muahahaha....Anyway, i only know how to answer for question 1, 2 and 4. Question 3 i totally have no idea what the heck it is asking for. Luckily we are only required to answer 3 questions. Should be ok then, although i wrote crap for some of the sub questions. For examples.....

Question---------What is system clock?
Answer-----------System that used clock.

Question---------What is superscalar?
Answer-----------A very superd scalar used as a measurement in computer. A unit. Something to do with processor.

Question-------What is clock cycle?
Answer---------(This is easy as a pie) When the processor complete one full machine cycle, alternatively it is counted as one clock cycle.

Question-------What is clock speed?
Answer---------Sir, i never knew that a clock got speed. I only knew that a clock got hours, minutes and seconds. Anyway, i'll try to agree with your point. A clock speed is the distances traveled over the times taken to complete one clock cycle.

Okay....these are the craps i'd gave my lecturer. Bet he'll remember me from now on. After the test, i had another boring lecture on Cell Biology which last for about 2hours and i walked back home after that. Is getting hazy recently...

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