Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alice In Wonderland

Here am i again talking about movie. Just wanna share with you guys out there, that this familiar bedtime story,"Alice In Wonderlands" known by every children is once again(first in 1903) walking right out of the fantasy land into the real world. This time no longer in black and white version, for sure. What we have now is 2 company; Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and IMAX Corporation whom had collaborated and confirmed an IMAX 3D version for the movie~~~!!

Yeah, the movie is going to be release into the IMAX® theaters next year on 15 March 2010. Yeah, that's the exact date and here's a peek into the wonderful land of Alice in YouTube~~

The movie is directed by Tim Burton, yeah~ You've just read that two words TIM BURTON. The great master behind all these well-known animation; "The nightmare before Christmas", "Corpse Bride", and movie such as; "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", "Planet of the Apes", "Sleepy Hollow", "Batman Return", "Edward Scissorhand" to name some.

Famous for his art work, i'm sure this movie is going to give you a real trill and twist on every single nerves of yours. Erm....i think i just made it sound like an eerie movie that's gonna give you a stroke or wat by the end of the movie. Haha~~~ Anyway, the art work of this movie is just too awesome and impressive enough to send shivers up and down my spine. Not to mentioned the goose bumps its gave me. Well, just see how they transform the Pirates of the Carribean sea, Mr.Johnny Depp from this

into this

Ooooo....i'm going to believe you even if you say "That's not Johnny." I means, who can tell right?? Is just wayyyyyyyyyyyy too different from the Johnny i'm familiar with.

Anyway, from the image he portrait you'll probably already figures out what he's staring as in the movie. Yeah...and you're right. He's the Mad Hatter. So right now, this question must be circling in your mind, "Who is the Mad Hatter?" eh hem eh hem....i'm sorry but i guess you'll just gotta do some revision on your own for that case.

Next, we got the beautiful protagonist here, Alice~~~

Loving the background....^^

and the white queen~~~~

Stared by Anne Hathaway, she is a princess before and now she'd upgraded to a queen. >.< the Red Queen who overthrew her sister the white queen. In another word, she's the antagonist here. Stared by Helena Bonham.
Opps...sorry to our Islam frenzs here. No offense.

This character is somehow different. It's a split images of the Queen of Hearts and the Red Queen. To further define it, they've increased the sizes of her head by 3X on screen. It looked something like this.....

Nah...forget about this image, you can just head on to YouTube and get a glimpse of it yourself from the link i'd provided above.

Some screen shot from the movie itself.....

The White Queen with Alice~~~

The Cheshire Cat~~~

Loving the reflection of light on its furs~~

Is this a split image of Professor Snape from Harry Potter?

Card Soldier spotted here~~~~Did you see it?

Johnny or not Johnny? You decide yourself.

The white rabbit~~~

Cant wait for the real show~~~How bout you??


  1. I wonder why they turned him into "Elijah Wood as the Mad Hatter".

  2. just trying out by the way i m in the comp lab now. will try when i reach hostel cos the line there is more lousy. anyway i belief u have fix it since the person before me now can comment... hahaha..



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