Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Lost Symbol.....

4 Test coming up....2 presentation and 2 more assignment, then move on to the final exam, semester break at the end of September. Booked my flight, flying back to hometown in October. Gotta work part time and start earning some pocket money. No luck, guess i'll only receive my PTPTN loan by the 3rd sem.

Phew~~~i needs a break. Currently, i'm still feeeling so demotivated. Feeling so flabby from head to toes. Report done. I'm signing off for TVB drama. Wat's the heck?
Oh~~~the title of this post...."The Lost Symbol" is actually the latest novel (fifth) of Dan Brown. Yeah~~~Dan Brown, currently i'm still reading "Deception Point".....another novel by him too.

On bookshelf by September. Preorder is now available at Border book shop.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alice In Wonderland

Here am i again talking about movie. Just wanna share with you guys out there, that this familiar bedtime story,"Alice In Wonderlands" known by every children is once again(first in 1903) walking right out of the fantasy land into the real world. This time no longer in black and white version, for sure. What we have now is 2 company; Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and IMAX Corporation whom had collaborated and confirmed an IMAX 3D version for the movie~~~!!

Yeah, the movie is going to be release into the IMAX® theaters next year on 15 March 2010. Yeah, that's the exact date and here's a peek into the wonderful land of Alice in YouTube~~

The movie is directed by Tim Burton, yeah~ You've just read that two words TIM BURTON. The great master behind all these well-known animation; "The nightmare before Christmas", "Corpse Bride", and movie such as; "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", "Planet of the Apes", "Sleepy Hollow", "Batman Return", "Edward Scissorhand" to name some.

Famous for his art work, i'm sure this movie is going to give you a real trill and twist on every single nerves of yours. Erm....i think i just made it sound like an eerie movie that's gonna give you a stroke or wat by the end of the movie. Haha~~~ Anyway, the art work of this movie is just too awesome and impressive enough to send shivers up and down my spine. Not to mentioned the goose bumps its gave me. Well, just see how they transform the Pirates of the Carribean sea, Mr.Johnny Depp from this

into this

Ooooo....i'm going to believe you even if you say "That's not Johnny." I means, who can tell right?? Is just wayyyyyyyyyyyy too different from the Johnny i'm familiar with.

Anyway, from the image he portrait you'll probably already figures out what he's staring as in the movie. Yeah...and you're right. He's the Mad Hatter. So right now, this question must be circling in your mind, "Who is the Mad Hatter?" eh hem eh hem....i'm sorry but i guess you'll just gotta do some revision on your own for that case.

Next, we got the beautiful protagonist here, Alice~~~

Loving the background....^^

and the white queen~~~~

Stared by Anne Hathaway, she is a princess before and now she'd upgraded to a queen. >.< the Red Queen who overthrew her sister the white queen. In another word, she's the antagonist here. Stared by Helena Bonham.
Opps...sorry to our Islam frenzs here. No offense.

This character is somehow different. It's a split images of the Queen of Hearts and the Red Queen. To further define it, they've increased the sizes of her head by 3X on screen. It looked something like this.....

Nah...forget about this image, you can just head on to YouTube and get a glimpse of it yourself from the link i'd provided above.

Some screen shot from the movie itself.....

The White Queen with Alice~~~

The Cheshire Cat~~~

Loving the reflection of light on its furs~~

Is this a split image of Professor Snape from Harry Potter?

Card Soldier spotted here~~~~Did you see it?

Johnny or not Johnny? You decide yourself.

The white rabbit~~~

Cant wait for the real show~~~How bout you??

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Out of fuel, so aircraft lands on beach

Just read a news that make me laugh like hell. Here~~~read this.

Saturday July 25, 2009

MIRI: Two flying enthusiasts landed their small two-seater private plane on the beach near here after the aircraft ran out of fuel during a sightseeing flight over the city. (From Bintulu izzit?)

It is understood the two men, who declined to be identified, quickly took off after refuelling their plane with help from their friends whom they called on their mobile phones. (Wa...i dint even know we can refuel an aircraft this way.)

Their aircraft was not damaged during the incident which happened around noon yesterday.

The pilot managed to land his plane safely along the shoreline when he discovered that he had run out of fuel. (Good job~~but next time made sure you have your tank filled before you took off)

Because of the light weight of the plane, the pilot managed to fly off with ease after refuelling.

Miri police and reporters were initially told that a plane had crashed. (Hahahahaha)

However they later found out what had actually happened.


Another tag by Dean...

1. Do you like blue cheese?
"Blue" cheese O.O Wat's that?

2. When was the most recent time you needed help?
I'll try my best to solve whatever problems i'm facing with myself before turning to anyone for help. The most recent....hmmp....i guess is asking someone to erase my signature on the attendance list because i signed on the wrong date.

3. Do you own a weapon?
Yes, after being robbed on Valentine this year. I start owning one.

4. What flavour of Kool Aid was your favorite?
What’s that?

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?
For some particular reasons, my answer is YES.

6. Do you know & love laksa?
Yup and yes i love it.

7. Favorite Christmas movie?

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?

9. Can you do pushups?
No, i'm never able to push back up my body after i've came into contact with the floor.

10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry?
Jewelry. Haha. (Rolling my eyes)

11. If you had to sacrifice either your television or your music system, which would go?
Oh. You can take both. I dont mind.

12. Right- or left-handed?

13. What's your favorite shoe?
Ankle Strap Heels, Wedges, Mary Jane pumps

14. Middle name?

15. Name 3 thoughts at this moment
Report, test, foods

16. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink?
Nescafe Rich 3 In 1, Nescafe regular 3 In 1 and Milo

17. Current worry?
Health, money and future

18. Current hate?
Laziness, poor spelling, poor concentration and perverts

19. Favorite ice-cream?
Wu~~~~i loves ice-cream any flavors will do as long as it's called ice-cream.

20. How did you bring in the New Year?
Watch TV, Sleep until 10 or 11am the next day.

21. Where would you love to fly next?
I can't fly~~~~but i would love to travel to Taipei.

22. Where will you fly next??
After some genius came out with some new invention which grows wings on human beings and then i'll decide where to "fly" next.

23. Do you own slippers?
Yeah, i owned one that got me threw out from the house i'm renting in the middle of the night. Cool lei??? Read this post'll get what i mean.

24. What color shirt are you wearing right now?

25. Preferred bed sheets?
Silly question

26. Do you floss daily?
I'm wearing braces

27. Favorite color?

28. Would you be a pirate?
No, i prefer more to the sky than sea.

29. What songs do you sing in the shower?
I don't sing when i'm showering.

30. Favorite girl's name?

31. Favorite boy's name?
Next question please.

32. What's in your pocket right now?

33. Last thing that made you laugh?
The animation "Up"

34. Best recent meal?

35. Worst injury/illness you had as a child?
Jetlag for nearly 3 days.

36. Do you love where you live?

37. Funniest TV show?
TV show. Never watch.

38. Who is your most talkative friend?
Chin Yi Xin, she's my ex-roommate who got lotsa story to share.

39. How many dogs do you have?
I don't have pet.

40. Do you believe in miracles?

41. What book(s) are on your bedside table?
The Right Word, Collins English-Japanese dictionary, The Deception Point, Fast track Detox diet, Biology, etc~~~Yeah i kinda mess up my bed sometimes.

42. What is your favorite candy?
Wu~~~too much to mention here, as long as is not colorful.

43. Favorite sports team?
Not even one.

44. Favorite bands?
Not even one.

45. Who you wanna to tag?
Homo sapiens


This is seriously another "Must-watch" animation by Disney, Pixar. Disney has never fails to entertains me. Couldn't stop laughing even after watching the 1 minutes more trailer.

I find this chubby little boy very annoying but cute...

This old man here somehow reminded me of my cell biology lecturer....

The boy, the old man and his house.

Now play this~~~~

Tag~what's that?

1. Do you have any secrets?
=> Yeah, a lot.

2. Have you try not eating anything for few days.?
=> Yes. Few weeks to be exact.

3. Do you enjoy going school.?
=> Do you?

4. Coffee or more coffee.?
=> Coffee is one of my daily dose.

5. Laughter or forever smile.?

6. Who is more important.?Lover or Best friends.?
=> I'm a self centered person.

7. The person you like is already attached, what will you do.?
=> First thing first, i wont fall in love with someone who is already hooked.

8. What made you smile today.?

9. Angelic or devilish.?
=> I prefer evil.

10. How would you see yourself in 10 years time.?
=> This really sound like an interview question i dont feel like answering now.

11. Who are currently most important people to you.?
=> Ceo of Air Asia, Datuk Tony Fernandez.

12. what is the most important thing in life.?
=> Money

13. Are you single or attached.?
=> Mind your own business.

14. What is your favourite colour.?
=> Black

15. What is your wish?
=> Success and big achievement in life.

16. Have you ever wondered what would happen after life.?
=> Yes, so?

17. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing someone has done.?
=> Forgive, will depends. Forget, is impossible.

18. Which do you prefer.? Spending time with family or being close with people who understand you?
=> Neither.

19. What is your biggest regret in your life.?
=> Started working at young ages.

20. 5 people you're tagging.?
=> Can i tag those people in heaven?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Got my ID~~~

Finally received my student ID. Happy~~~happy~~~^_^v

First thing first.....LIBRARY!!!!

Oh.....just in case you dono. I'm currently on diet so "No MAMAK", "No Yamcha", "No belanja-belanja thingy stuff". I'm on DIET!!!!

=_= this post is really "つまらない!” (tsumaranai = boring)

Anyway, this song called "Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~" by Ayumi Hamasaki is really nice. Is the latest song by Ayumi....(so fast jump to another topic). Here's a 1mins more short cover of the song. DL it at mediafire if you wan to get the whole song.

Oh, her latest album cover looks something like this.

Still look as gorgeous as before....i wonder what her anti-aging secret is??? Photoshop? Maybe....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Been rushing in and out of my house this morning just to observe the longest ever eclipse in the 21st century. I though the eclipse can be observe by 7.30am so i dragged myself out of bed by 7am in the morning and rushed to Spiky's house but turn out this fellow is still~~~~"Not ready"

Me:"Hey, Spiky. I'm outside your house edi."
Spiky: "Har? I just woke up."
Me:"What lar you? Go get ready asap!"

Anyway according to Spiky's friend, the eclipse will only reach the mainland of Asia around 8.30am so we ended up at a nearby mamak for our breakfast. We later learnt from "The Sun" newspaper that the exact timeline is around 8.23am to 9.48am and only 17.8% of the sun will be obscured by the moon. >.< Too bad~~~

The morning sun today.

After reading the news, i notice that something is not right, the 2 words "naked eyes" printed in the content of the article somehow is ringing a bell in my head. Is telling me that something need to be done but what it is?

Spiky:"Eh, what d tools are we going to use for observing?"

Oh no!!!! The tool!!!! Yeah~~`the tool!!! I got no tool at all!!! How can i forget that???

Me:"Heh heh heh, tools ah(totally forgot)..Naked eyes!!!"
Spiky:"Is not good you know."
Me:"Is impossible. You got any idea what we can use?"
Spiky:"I read from the web, we can use a pinbox."
Me:"Pinbox? What's that? Any other options?"
Spiky:"I dunno"
Me:" we gonna observe then?"
Spiky:"U got sunglasses?"
Me:"Nope, it was broken into half after i accidentally kissed it with my butt." Spiky:"I can't see with naked eyes. Now i'm seeing 4 suns." (After he stared at the morning sun)
Me:"Of cuz, how can you observe like that. You got anything translucent? Latern paper maybe."
Spiky:"No o~~You got the negative of photo film?"
Me:"No. We'll get back to our house first and see is there anything we can work on."
Spiky:"Stay in contact with sms."

As soon as i reached home, i tried my best to experiment on anythings that seem ideally suited for observing the eclipse. First, i tried with pink plastic bag but failed. Hmmp...maybe pink is too dark. So, i tried with yellow plastic bag. Erm....can see the light but i cannot tell the shape. Hmmp.....maybe i shouldn't use a plastic bag in the first place after all.

Having figured out that, i quickly rushed back to my room upstairs and went back outside. This time armed with........

Mahjong paper~~~(Dont laugh...i'll wrap you all up with mahjong paper later.)

And failed(for sure) for the 3rd times. Looking at the time, it read 9.15am. Immediately, i rushed back again and got down with a piece of paper covered behind the transparent book cover yet i still failed to see the eclipse.

So, i raised my white flag and decided maybe i can observe the eclipse again the next time by year 2010. Anyhow, there's still another way to see the eclipse with my own eyes. ONLINE LIVE SHOW.....wakakaka~~~~


while the page is still loading, Spiky's message came in claiming that he had successfully observed the eclipse by making a pinbox. I got curious and immediately rushed off to his house. I have no idea what a pinbox look like. And when i reached Spiky house....= =||| What i see is a Tesco's tissue box whereby one of the smaller area is cut out and glued with aluminium foil.

Me:"What is that?"
Spiky:"The pinbox"
Me:"So this is the pinbox this stuff work?"(Does this stuff really work?)
Spiky:"Come. Let me show you."

"You observe this way", said Spiky.

Me:"Har? Like that? Why are you facing your back to the sun?"
Spiky:"Haiya. Just do as i did."

So i followed what he did

and this is what i'd observed.

Me:"This? The small dot?"
Spiky:"Yeah. That is."
Me:"Can you make the hole larger? Why is it so small?"
Spiky:"Nope. Cant do it. You'll decrease the accuracy."
Me:"But the dot is too small. Is hard to tell."
Spiky:"Is all we got."
Me:"Can we make it longer? You still haf box?"
Spiky:"Yes, but is the new tissues box."
Me:"Forget about it. We'll do a comparison."

After few seconds, this is what i'd observed....

And then it became like this....

And this....

Can you see the different? Well, i'd seen the different.

Let me show you....
Ta da~~~~

After a few minutes....I didn't twist the photo. The winds blew it that way.

Anyway, a close up look of Spiky's Tesco pinbox.

Just poke a tiny hole in the middle.....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Writing report is the most hateful moment in my university life. One report is enough to kill about half the amount of your brain cells. I'm working on one now and i truly haf no idea where am i suppose to begin with.

Oh well, just to share the news. There gonna be a solar eclipse passing through the mainland of Asia tomolo but i dont think we are able to see it here in Kampar. Just goggle "solar eclipse 2009" and you'll get tons of news about the happening.

Recently, i'm being bother by some small issues with someone which really pissed me off. Seriously, i understand that different peoples came with different style and different preferences. So, when you find yourself dealing with this kind of peoples all you gotta do is to learn how to cope with them. It is always easy to say but hard to do especially when the person you are dealing with is way too different from you.

Tolerance is not easy when you have to dealt with some WEIRD habit that they practiced every day in their daily life, not to mentioned some unexpected circumstances that i had experienced with them. Note the word weird i used here. Is not something that is easy to tolerate with and that's the things getting on my nerves now. What i did now is just pretending like i'm okay with it but what i really wish to do now is to screamed "I'm NOT OKAY with it!!!" right on their faces.

By the way, here's something i noticed with majority of the students in UTAR, Kampar campus.


Especially the girls. Why ah? Cheating in test is something they seem to be doing for every test they went through. Somemore, the way they cheat is so obvious, for example, one of the girl just placed the note on her lap and all she did is "COPY". Wow, is like the person sitting next to her is somehow invisible or what.

Some, whom simply ignored your existence all the while would all of a sudden seem to be interested in you and sit right next to you during exam. Not forgetting the silly smile on theirs faces that seem to be carrying some masked messages. Of course, this peoples would eventually disappeared right after the exam.

Wu~~~ =_= i really don understand why they have the guts to ignore the fact that they are having an exam tomolo but they just don't have the guts to fail. Why ah?

I got something to say to them.

If next time you guys wanna start this "Practicing session" of yours, make sure you do it nice and clean. And save that silly smile of yours~~

Monday, July 20, 2009

Computer test today~~

Wahahaha....i think i screwed it totally. Hahahahaha~~~~but is still okay since there are quite a number of peoples who are just the same as i was. I didn't study much for this test because i thought it will be easy but turn out it is not as wat i'd expected. Muahahahaha.......i personally think that the lecturer did this on purpose since majority of us are either sleeping or doing other stuffs during his lectures so he revenge on us by setting up tough questions.

Actually the question is not tough, it's only tough because i didn't study. Muahahaha....Anyway, i only know how to answer for question 1, 2 and 4. Question 3 i totally have no idea what the heck it is asking for. Luckily we are only required to answer 3 questions. Should be ok then, although i wrote crap for some of the sub questions. For examples.....

Question---------What is system clock?
Answer-----------System that used clock.

Question---------What is superscalar?
Answer-----------A very superd scalar used as a measurement in computer. A unit. Something to do with processor.

Question-------What is clock cycle?
Answer---------(This is easy as a pie) When the processor complete one full machine cycle, alternatively it is counted as one clock cycle.

Question-------What is clock speed?
Answer---------Sir, i never knew that a clock got speed. I only knew that a clock got hours, minutes and seconds. Anyway, i'll try to agree with your point. A clock speed is the distances traveled over the times taken to complete one clock cycle.

Okay....these are the craps i'd gave my lecturer. Bet he'll remember me from now on. After the test, i had another boring lecture on Cell Biology which last for about 2hours and i walked back home after that. Is getting hazy recently...

See this...


Sunday, July 19, 2009

He fried with Rice Cooker....

We are forbid to cook in this house because the house owner was so afraid that we might burn the whole house down. So, we don't own a gas stove neither is the electric one. How we cook then? By using rice cooker....hoho

Rice cooker is not just for cooking rice. I only realize this after i saw one of my house mate frying sausage with it.

Is kinda weird and personally i think it is not a very good idea.
Sometimes they even cook instant noodle with rice cooker and my friend, Jestrine even told me that she can fry an egg with it. Yeah, i really wish i can witness your skill with my own eyes. How you did that? When are you going to show me?? I really wanna know. O.O curious~~~curious~~~

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Not so fast thou.....There's still an assignment due on next Wednesday, another bloody test on Monday and a superb idiotic report to hand in by Friday.

The lab test is quite fun actually. Cant believe that i really am using this word "fun" to describe it.

Got up at 7.30am today to revise my study and went to the university by 8.30am. As usual, canteen is my first destination. NEVER GO FOR A TEST WITH EMPTY STOMACH!!! I saw Kalai and we did some spelling test together. Yeah, i suck in spelling. The only reason i cant seem to score a 10 out of 10 mark is mainly because of my poor spelling. I just cant find any reason to explain why my brain always failed to register the letter "O" for "Chloroplast"(I'll spell it Chlroplast) and instead of the letter "M" i'll replace a "T" at the end of the word "Cytoplasm" and eventually it'll become "Cytoplast". Sometimes, i'll do even more stupid mistake like spelling "Nucleus" to "Nuclear". Nuclear....=_= haha....guess if can, the lecturer marking my paper that time would definitely want to kill me with a nuclear bomb.

In biology, they always made such a big fuss about the spelling. I always knew that spelling is important but Arghh....just dunno why i'm still repeating the same mistake again and again. Take today for example, i'd spelled "Spyrogyra" instead of "Spirogyra" and it cost me 2 marks for making that silly mistake. T_T Is not my false actually, i was trying to focus the image of the given specimen but because the image was quite blur so i adjusted the fine focus knob. Is not wrong to do so right? Then suddenly the lecturer shouted, "Miss Jong, you are not supposed to adjust anything!!! I only ask you to focus!!"

Hey, hey can you tell me how am i suppose to identify the specimen given if i'm not even allowed to adjust the fine focus knob? Anyway, i just said "I'm sorry sir, is my mistake." After i'd said that, i forgot how to spell "Spirogyra". Screwed it!!

The lecturer himself was late today, so we started the test in a rush. After getting our paper we are asked to go into the room assigned accordingly to the number given. My number was 85 so i was assigned to Room 2 where we were asked to answer structure questions and fill in the blank questions. After we are done, we'll need to move on to Room 1 where we are tested on our laboratory skills. Each and everyone of us will have our own station based on our number. This is when i was scolded again.

Lecturer:"Miss Jong!!! Why are you still standing? Dont tell me you cannot find your seat!!! What number are you?"
Me:"29, sir."
Lecturer:"Why did you came in to this room if you are number 29?"
Me:"No, i mean i was number 29 for this room."

Heh heh...and this time it was really not my fault. The total number of peoples are supposed to be 29 but instead of setting up 29 station, they only set up 28 station. That's the reason why i cant find my station. I was left out. AGAIN!!!!(This is the second time the lecturer forgot to count me in). So, in the end i was the only one who had to carry out the test alone in another lab.

The test was easy if you'd been paying attention in class. I failed to identify some of the equipments given to me. Not really cant identify the equipment just that i cant seem to recall the name. What's the other name for a centrifugate tube ah?? Forgot. Shit!!! And what's that name for that long mechanical stick that seem to be use for measuring uptake of water? Don't know the name too. Fine then, i'll named it Pipette man. Wakakaka!!! Brilliant~~~brilliant~~

After the test, i joined them for lunch and walked back home. Yeah! WALK!!! Thank to Spiky who wouldn't wan to sacrifice his bicycle to me.

Everyone seem so relax after the test....

Someone reading the lab manual and a few girls getting ready to go in the lab. What with the long hairs??

Everyone moving except me (still wan to take photo)

White coat maniacSSS!!!

Anyway, good luck everyone....

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