Thursday, June 18, 2009

Telaga Air Hangat

A friend of mine asked me, "Hey!!! Did you went to Telaga Air Hangat in Langkawi?? I heard that if you put an egg inside the pool, apparently it will become hard-boiled egg few minutes later."

Ahem...ahem....(cleared my throat)

"I guess if you does put an egg into the pool, you'll get nothing but a Rm100 fine."

I did went to Telaga Air Hangat but turn out the place is still undergoing construction.

Looking left.....

Looking right....

Looking front.....

And this is all its got~~~A big well.

I dared not look into the well because it was quite deep and you can see i'm clinging on the small rock to advoid myself from falling. Seriously, they should have make something for us to cling on and not small rock like that.

Heard that the water from the well is very effective of curing diseases which caused skin problems. Dunno is true or not but judging from the pureness of the water(which haf lotsa algaes), i think it can cause you more skin problem rather then curing one.
Anyway, i'm outta this place in not less than 3 minutes and i dont think i'll ever lay my foot here again.

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