Thursday, June 11, 2009

Screw it!!! Missed the bus again~~~

Nah...i'm trying my best to adapt to UTAR bus schedule but i'm still missing out buses evey day. Hey! Just what the heck is wrong now huh???

So, class skipped today is Professional Writing....alright...screwed it!!!!

Anyway, nowaday my body is just not functioning in the way it should be. When i want to study, my eyelid went shut. When i want to sleep, my eyes open wide. When it's time to eat, i haf no appetite. When i finally haf the appetite, there is no more food. And recently, my eyes seem to be playing tricks with me. Words on lecturer slide bacame small sparkling star. I see black dots....guess i'm having tunnel vision....

I guess i'm overload and just needed some rest.

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