Tuesday, June 2, 2009

On this day, my campus life begin....

Today marked the first day of my campus life....

Actually my name is not on the list of any class yet, i just sneak in to any available lecture going around during that particular time of those who are having lecture....hehehe....i'm smart isn't it???

Hehehe....anyway i had recovered from yesterday sickness. Today i even cycled to Uni...hehehe although i'm the last one to arrived among all my housemates. Hahaha...the bike is borrowed from my roommates. HOHO~~~

Here Jestrine and Rainnie....preparing to go to campus early this morning.

The lecture is not very interesting and the lecturer even let us go back earlier because it is the first day and so we got discount for it....=_=|||

I went for lunch at the cafeteria and the foods turn out to be quite dissapointing. Anyway, i spotted this 2 monkeys

Wai Chin the lovely monkey~~~

and Scott the =_=||| i dunno how to describe this monkey...but the face is really funny....

We saw Mr.Abel too~~~

and here's the photo taken by Spiky...=_=
ya, i wonder why my photo came out become like this

Anyway, some photo taken by me during lecture time.....

That's all...i still need to woke up at 4.30am today...just to catch on the KTM to KL....

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