Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm Back~~~

Alright, so finally everything was back on track. Ever since i'd been shorlisted for the cadet assestment my mind and soul were never at rest. Every night before i close my eyes my mind would wandered off on its own thinking about how the assestment is going to be. Will there be an interview on the first day? Should i prepared for the test first or focus more on the interview? If i started with this and turn out they goes with this first, then how am i going to cope with it? Will they ask about this question or that? What should i wear? and so on....

I'm restless for this few months and finally i'm done with the first stage. Now i better start focusing more on my studies cause the exam is coming up soon. Haha, got a bad feeling that i might flunck every single subject. But there's no way i'll flunk my test. Is never gonna to happened. Hahahaha....

Will be updating soon.

I'm just as eager as you guys but why WHY WHY???? ~~~~>.<~~~~

T_T i also want to go in.....T_T



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