Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dissapointing Black Sand Beach of Langkawi

Black sand beach, one of the famous beaches in Langkawi. You must have heard of it from someone or read about it somewhere so i'm just going to highlights a brief intro here.
  1. The beach has black sands.
  2. The beach was beautiful and sparkling.
  3. Ghosts were seen here. ( A fact by Gyee, story included in this post.)
Why is the beach black?

According to the legend, the black sand was the result of the fierce battle that took place betwen Garuda and Jentayu. Take note here. Garuda and Jentayu is not the name of warriors but the name of birds.

Apparently, these two Birdie are probably fighting over some god-know-what reasons which eventually kaboom the beach and turned it into black. I assumed these two birdie here must be an extraordinary birds in which they are somehow magical. Sure know magic one mar.....or else how they turned the beach black???

Another legend said that, this beach was actually cursed by a mermaid in revenge on a fisherman who didn't kept his promise to her. The mermaid got angry for over god-know-what broken promise and cast a magic spell on the the beach and turned it into black.

Obviously, the cephalization progress doesn't went so well for that mermaid. Why still bother to curse the beach when you can just curse the man? God-know-why.

The other legend said that, the black color of the beach is actually a remains of the burnt ashes washed down from the burnt paddy field to the beach. Do you think i'm going to buy this? Get a map of Langkawi and seek out the location of 'The burnt paddy field' and compare it with the location of the beach. You'll get my point.

After reading about all these tales, i've decided to pay this beach a visit, not that i'm fascinated by the tales and was anxious to find out the remains of burnt paddy ashes but to answer the only question that was posted in my mind (yours too).

Does this beach really live up to the hype?
(Peoples been telling me how beautiful and extraordinary it was)

So, on my 3rd days in Langkawi, i'd set up my gears, rent a car and hit the road. It was not hard to locate the beach as there's only one road leading there. After sitting in car(i'm not the one who drive) for more than 25mins, i'm finally there. It was raining heavily the moment i reached there, so i just sat inside the car, studied the map while i waited for the rains to stop. A sign of welcoming.......right? Haha....

After a while, i got bored of reading map and decided to check out the construction site nearby. At here, i got a good glimpse of the beach and the truth was finally unveiled!!!!

Tada!!!! Proudly present to you the beautiful and 'extra-ordinary' beach!!!!!!

The beach was not completely black but is more like a mixture of black sand and normal sand. Not a single soul on the beach. I only saw two ghosts wandering around the construction site. After the rain stopped, i went down to the beach, chased some little crabs, dug up the sands and hey! only the surface was black.....zzzZzzzzz

I got bored with the beach in less than 3 minutes times and decided to leave. There's nothing to see here. So, we drove a few km down the initial designated tourist area and spotted some stalls selling foods. We decided to fill up our stomachs here and look what we've found, a nicer part of black sand beach! At least the black sands over here have a wider coverage.

Spotted the jetty behind me? Some sources claim it to be an 'ancient' jetty but it doesn't look ancient to me maybe if you have the times, might as well take a walk down the beach to the jetty and see whether it was hold up with nails, then you'll get the true.

Some samples Yi Xin collected back......i'm not sure what she's going to do with that but let's just pray that nothing bad is going to happen. Well....the sands was cursed.....remember?

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