Sunday, June 7, 2009

CB's biscuit```

Argh~~~~spent the whole day studying....and guess my mind is all glued together it seem more like i'm forgetting stuff rather then picking up new stuff. Guess that's what happened when you study too much. Your brain malfunction....!!!

Shit man!!!! Sometimes i really hope that i got 10 brains, then i'll probably wont forget stuff i had learnt before. Nothing much for today, as usual got up from bed and start studying until now and the thing i hate the most is that i'm still stuck with the same book....Argh~~~~few more chapter to go......damn....and tomolo is Monday...damn!!!

I hate Monday!!!! Today is not a great day to me, early in the morning the "tauke" of this house came knocking on my door asking for rental....f*** off man!!! And when i did went to pay the rental, he is not at home....oh f***....ppl want to pay him but he himself dunno go where shit then say i dint pay again.....really kanasai one ppl....

And i really really really HATE kampar~~~~i got up at 9am today and starved until transport to go out to dapow lar~~~~go out dapao the shop oso close.....fuk fuk fuk!!!!

Nah...haf some CB biscuit then....kampar really got many silly stuff that make me laugh....

If you play any online probably know what "CB" mean....right here in Kampar...CB= chicken biscuit....

Ya "Ji-ken" biscuit.....=_=V...anyone??

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